Beyoncé Is Back – And Minus Her Baby Weight!

Beyoncé took Atlantic City by storm this weekend during her first concert since her daughter was born – and, oh my, did she look Phwoar-some. Just months after giving birth to Blue Ivy Carter in January, the star revealed to her fans how she lost 60lb of baby weight at the gig in New Jersey – by eating lettuce.

The ‘Love On Top’ singer, who is married to Jay Z, told the crowds that she worked tirelessly to lose the weight after becoming a mum for the first time. ‘Y’all have no idea how hard I worked!’ she was quoted saying to the audience, according to Us Weekly magazine. ‘I had to lose 60lbs. They had me on that treadmill. I ate lettuce!’

We can’t say we envy you, Bey – but we admire your honesty. (And your figure, now you ask.) Far from the usual ‘miraculous’ baby weight loss we’re so used to hearing about, refreshingly, Beyoncé also declared that: ‘Now I’m gonna get chocolate wasted!’ Now you’re talking…

But the diet obviously worked – at her first performance in nine months, the star was certainly worth the wait. She dazzled fans in a host of custom-made outfits by London-based couture house Ralph & Russo.

She looked better than ever in each of her four astonishing looks plus two amazing headpieces, crafted with over 500,000 Swarovski elements. She completed the look with contrasting hot-pink Stuart Weitzman Mary Janes – what else?

On her hot new look, designers Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo of Ralph & Russo said, ‘Beyonce is a true representation of the Ralph & Russo woman who is strong, powerful and independent.

‘She is an inspirational performer and creative genius and collaborating with her is always such a fantastic experience. We had so much fun designing these outfits made with Swarovski Elements, all of which were created to provide her with a truly unforgettable stage presence.’

Unforgettable? We agree. But what do you think of Beyoncé’s post-baby reveal? Let us know below!


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