Beyoncé's Rep Shuts Down Rumors That She Got Lip Injections

Beyonce’s team is shutting down rumors that she recently got lip injections while pregnant with twins. The rumor originated on gossip site MediaTakeOut, and Queen Bey’s rep, Yvette Noel-Schure, is slamming the site for publishing a false story. MediaTakeOut based its story solely on a photo of Beyoncé with no factual evidence to back up its claims.

Now Noel-Schure is getting real about how pregnancy affects a woman’s body. She replied: “What do you know about the effects of pregnancy on a woman’s entire body? Did you know that in addition to weight gain there is often a dramatic change in the blood flow in the system and increased fluid causing swelling? Do you know that often women’s gums get swollen? Do you know that it sometimes affects our speech, our ability to chew intently, and a host of other things?”

Beyoncé’s rep even brought up the singer’s first pregnancy and the rumors that she wasn’t actually carrying Blue Ivy, which MediaTakeOut had gossiped about. “I stood silent during Beyoncé’s first pregnancy when you thought it was OK to bully her like the cowards you are, when you accused her of never being pregnant, but I simply cannot this time.”

Noel-Schure ended the statement in only the way someone close to Beyoncé would: “You need to find something else to do with your time and maybe stop by a store that has happiness on sale because you need to buy some.”

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