BGC to Implement One-Way Traffic Scheme Starting August 28

Martin Aguilar

A new one-way traffic scheme on select streets will be implemented in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) starting August 28, 2018. BGC believes that the new scheme will result with better traffic flow. The streets included in the one-way traffic scheme are Rizal Drive, 28th Street, 7th Avenue, 9th Avenue, Federacion Drive, and 30th Street. To put things in perspective, let’s take a look at the one-way roads following a North-South flow and an East-West flow.

North-South One-Way Traffic Flow:

Rizal Drive (coming from St. Luke’s) 28th Street (from Mind Museum going to 7th Ave) 7th Avenue (from Justicia Drive going to McKinley Parkway) Federacion Drive (from 7th Avenue to 9th Avenue) 9th Avenue (from McKinley Parkway going to 34th Street)

East-West One-Way Traffic Flow:

30th Street (going to Rizal Drive-Mind Museum area) 28th Street (going to 11th Avenue) On the other hand, McKinley Parkway and 11th Avenue will be two-way streets. Refer to the map posted below to have a more detailed view of BGC’s one-way traffic scheme.

Photo: BGC Facebook

BGC said that they will place road signs to inform motorists regarding the new traffic scheme. The management added that the Waze app will be updated to avoid confusion. Before deciding to implement the new scheme, BGC said that it studied the new traffic flow using its simulator. BGC is positive that the new one-way scheme will help improve traffic flow.

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