In bid to gain international recognition, Taliban attempt to crack deal with former Afghan politicians

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Kabul [Afghanistan] August 26 (ANI): The Taliban is making efforts to crack deals with former Afghan officials in an attempt to gain international recognition and get back access to billions of dollars in international reserves.

The members of the terrorist organisation have also undertaken several meetings with top Afghan politicians the former warlord-turned-politician Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, The Washington Post reported.

These meetings were held in the presidential palace, former government offices and private compounds.

Earlier this month, the European Union had warned the Taliban and the Afghan government that violent seizure of power in the country may lead to Afghanistan's international isolation and cut-off from financial assistance.

These remarks came after European External Action Service Deputy Secretary-General, Enrique Mora, held a meeting with Afghan negotiation teams in Doha.

Mora reasserted that the reestablishment of an 'Islamic Emirate' or the military seizure of power will lead to the non-recognition and isolation of Afghanistan by the international community, while donors will stop providing financial support, which is wired through the government, Sputnik reported. (ANI)

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