‘So big’: Actress Nora Danish’s husband hits back at social media user for vulgar comment

Milad Hassandarvish
Actress Nora Danish has once again been criticised by social media users for her choice of clothes. — Picture via Instagram/noradanish

KUALA LUMPUR, December 3 – Actress Nora Danish’s husband Nedim Nazri has hit back at a social media user after the person left a vulgar comment on one of his wife’s Instagram posts.

In the post that has drawn criticism from social media users, Nora is seen promoting a skirt she matched with a long-sleeve white T-shirt.

While many fans complimented the mother-of-two for her stylish look, some users took it upon themselves to play fashion police over Nora’s outfit.

A user, however, decided to be extra cheeky by leaving a vulgar comment saying: “Is too big”, seemingly referring to the actresses’ breasts. 

Nedim was quick to intervene and hit back at the user by replying to his comment.


“Be careful finishing up your data, you might not have enough to last you until the end of the month,” he replied to the comment.

Meanwhile, some of the usurers advised the entrepreneur and restaurateur to ignore the mean comments as most of them are written by teenagers.

This isn’t the first time Nora has become the victim of fashion policing online.

The 37-year-old actress and entrepreneur was also shamed online several times for her choice of clothes over the past few months.

Female celebrities in Malaysia are no strangers to receiving criticism from internet users for their outfits and appearances.

The trend of policing women’s clothing has caused popular personalities to come under fire such as Emma Maembong, Zizi Kirana, Janna Nick and Jasmine Suraya Chin.

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