Big Brother housemates get emotional over family photographs

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Big Brother spoilers follow.

The housemates of Big Brother became emotional after they received their pictures from home in tonight's episode.

Despite only being in the house for a week, emotions have run high in the latest episode of the original reality TV series, with the 15 remaining housemates receiving pre-selected pictures of their family and friends from home tonight (October 15).

The day after Farida became the reboot's first evicted housemate, Noky was called to the Diary Room, and immediately realised that the family photographs were piled on the chair.

After gathering the other housemates in the living room, the whole house became overwhelmed.

noky, diary room, big brother
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Each housemate then opened up about who was pictured in their photographs, after Noky said: "We’re going to go around and talk about who is in these photos."

Dylan's picture was a selfie of him and his girlfriend, Kerry and Noky both had pictures of their families, and Zak's photo was of him and his mother when he was younger in Thailand. As they all opened up about their pictures, the housemates began to cry.

"Everything I've done in my life, everything I've achieved, is all for this woman," Zak said.

Jenkin opened up about his family, Trish's photo was of her late father, and Yinrun received a picture of her boyfriend.

"He is the one who gives me the most support," she said through tears.

Hallie, meanwhile, explained how much her mother supported her growing up, including giving financial support for Hallie's hormone treatment.

Jordan, however, decided to bring a different picture into the house:

"When they asked me to provide a photograph of loved ones I didn’t want to. They said you can provide a photo of yourself and although I was tempted, I instead provided a photograph of a place I love – it’s in Seville."

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Elsewhere in the episode, Chanelle received a secret mission – pay her housemates enough backhanded compliments to win a huge jar of sweets.

Chanelle told Kerry that her jumper reminded her of the circus, told Matty that his hat suited Dylan better, and then insulted Jenkin's accent.

She also paid a backhanded compliment to Jordan's smile – though at first, she thought Big Brother said "style" – and Dylan's hairdressing skills. As the mission progressed, though, it became unclear if Chanelle was giving backhanded compliments or just insulting her housemates.

Big Brother airs on Sundays to Fridays at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX, with Late & Live following at 10pm.

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