Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes fell ill and 'lost a lot of weight' before wedding day

Chanelle Hayes lost 'a lot of weight' before her wedding day credit:Bang Showbiz
Chanelle Hayes lost 'a lot of weight' before her wedding day credit:Bang Showbiz

Chanelle Hayes "lost a lot of weight really unexpectedly" due to ill health before her wedding.

The former 'Big Brother' star tied the knot with fiance Dan Bingham last month two years after their engagement, and she admitted "things could have been a huge disaster" after the illness meant "a lot of alterations" needed to be carried out on her dress.

She told OK! magazine: "My health hadn't been the greatest in the weeks leading up to the wedding - I'm waiting on test results for a few things and I lost a lot of weight really unexpectedly.

"So my dress needed a lot of alterations and it wasn't actually ready until the day before the wedding.

"We got married on Friday and I wasn't able to pick it up until after 4pm on Thursday. It was horrific - I just kept thinking, 'It's OK, Dan said he'd marry me in a bin bag!'

"I did feel amazing on my wedding day but I didn't anticipate being that thin."

When it came to the dress itself, the 36-year-old reality star always expected herself to choose a "simple" gown, but she went in a totally different direction.

She said: "It's covered in sparkles and pearls, and I never thought I'd like that. I thought I'd have something simple, but ended up going for the complete opposite."

Chanelle just visited one shop - Love and Cherish Bridal Boutique in Ossett - and instantly fell in love with the "fifth dress" she tried on.

She added: "I went shopping with my mum and a couple of my bridesmaids and, as soon as I put it on, we all thought, 'This is the one.'

"I also didn't think I would want a veil, but changed my mind on that, too."

Despite her health woes and last minute alterations to her dress, Chanelle wasn't nervous on the big day.

She said: "I was so calm. My hairdresser even said I was the most relaxed bride he'd ever seen. The thing was, I had nothing to be nervous about. I was going to marry someone who loves me to pieces."