Biggest international travelers come from US, China and Germany: Mastercard

Cancun, Mexico is a top destination for travelers from the US

For US travelers, Mexico, Canada and Italy are the top three most popular international travel destinations, while travelers from mainland China prefer Thailand, Japan and the US, in that order. 

That's according to Mastercard's "Global Destination Cities Index," which ranks the biggest globetrotters by country and their favorite destinations. 

Overall, the report reveals that travelers from the US, China, Germany, the UK and France are the most mobile, taking up the top five spots on the index of biggest source markets for international travel. 

Authors also note the dramatic rise in Asia-Pacific: Just a decade ago, Korea and Taiwan didn't crack the top-10 list. This year, the countries are in sixth and 10th spots respectively. 

Here are the top 10 source markets for international travel, and their top city destinations: 

1. US: Cancun, Mexico; Toronto, Canada; London, UK 
2. Mainland China: Bangkok, Thailand; Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan 
3. Germany: Palma de Mallorca, Spain; Bolzano, Italy; Tiroler Unterland, Austria 
4. United Kingdom: Palma de Mallorca, Spain; Paris, France; Dublin, Ireland 
5. France: London, England, Marrakech, Morocco; Barcelona, Spain 
6. South Korea: Osaka, Japan; Hokkaido, Japan; Tokyo, Japan 
7. Japan: Taipei, Taiwan; Seoul, South Korea; Bangkok, Thailand 
8. Canada: Washington DC, USA; Las Vegas, USA; New York, USA 
9. Russia: Antalya, Turkey; Pattaya, Thailand; Phuket, Thailand 
10. Taiwan: Tokyo, Japan; Hokkaido, Japan; Okinawa, Japan 

Top destinations by origin and their top country destinations: 

1. USA: Mexico, Canada, Italy 
2. Mainland China: Thailand, Japan, USA 
3. Germany: Italy, Spain, Austria 
4. United Kingdom: Spain, USA, India 
5. France: Spain, USA, UK 
6. South Korea: Japan, Mainland China, Vietnam 
7. Japan: USA, Mainland China, Taiwan
8. Canada: USA, Mexico, India 
9. Russia: Turkey, Thailand, Tunisia 
10. Taiwan: Japan, South Korea, Thailand