Bill Maher Rips 'Fetish' Patriots Who Cluelessly Wrap Themselves In The Flag

Bill Maherhas torn into the concept of “fetish patriotism” and the people who wrap themselves in the flag without knowing what it actually represents.

On Friday’s “Real Time,” the host likened it to the way PresidentDonald Trumphad turned theNFL protestsagainst police brutality and racial injustice “into a patriotism pissing match.”

“The nerve of these young black men kneeling while an ‘American Idol’ runner-up sings the ‘bombs bursting in air’ song,” he sarcastically said. “How dare you exercise your freedoms while we’re honoring them.”

“This impulse to tell people not to protest against the police, not to question the generals, this is not American,” Maher added. “And that is the problem with all the fetish patriotism. It starts with goosebumps, but it ends with goose steps.”

Check out the full segment above.

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