Bill Maher Worries That the Coronavirus Quarantine Has Turned Him Into a Millennial (Video)

Ross A. Lincoln and Phil Owen
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In the latest episode of “Real Time,” and the second to have been filmed from his house due to the coronavirus pandemic quarantine, Bill Maher joked that all this time in isolation has turned him into a millennial. But, he said, he understands “why they’re so depressed” — aside, of course, from the fact that Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary.

“I don’t know what else to do with my time,” Maher said during his opening monologue, filmed, like last week, from his backyard and also like last week interspersed with audience laughter courtesy of stock footage. “I’m home, I waste a lot of time on the internet. I binge watch TV. I have food delivered. Oh God, I’m becoming a millennial.”

“Now I see why they’re so depressed,” Maher continued. “And they are pretty depressed this week. This was a rough week for the millennial. Bernie Sanders, I’m sure you heard, dropped out of the race and his supporters are taking it very hard. They did not expect Bernie to quit. They say it just proves that he is part of the conspiracy against Bernie Sanders.”

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Maher continued by talking about newly-minted presumptive nominee, Joe Biden. “That’s right, the fate of the earth rests on Joe Biden. The forces of light will be represented by Mr. Joe Biden, or as the Jedi call him, ‘Obi-Wan Where Am I?'” Maher joked.

“Joe keeps doing these video updates from his basement,” Maher continued, referring to videos Biden started posting after public appearances became difficult in the era of social distancing. “It’s not encouraging — one was just him down there for 45 seconds going, ‘What did I come down here for?'”

And, of course, Maher talked about Donald Trump and, in Maher’s view, how horribly Trump has been handling the coronavirus crisis. “Meanwhile Trump, of course, does these daily briefings for like 90 minutes. And I’ve gotta give it to this guy. He will stay up there until it is clear that he has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. He’s like the toddler in the car with the plastic steering wheel who thinks he’s driving.”

“And Trump, I love this, no masks,” Maher said. “He says he doesn’t see himself wearing a mask. No that’s forever. No he will not wear a mask. He says, ‘It’s enough work putting on my face.”

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Maher concluded his monologue joking about conditions in Los Angeles, some smutty health recommendations from officials in New York, and how Boris Johnson has recovered from being infected with COVID-19. We’ll have video as soon as it’s available.

Watch the full monologue above.

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