Billie Eilish's trainers are 2020's version of 'the dress'

Natasha Harding
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Photo credit: @billieeilish - Instagram
Photo credit: @billieeilish - Instagram

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  • Billie Eilish shares a photo of her trainers and the internet can't agree what colour they are

  • Billie says they're mint green and white, while her dad and other fans say they see pink and white

Nothing gets the internet riled up quite like an optical illusion debate. Remember 'the dress'? Pah, of course you do. That one photo divided folks the world over for weeks and all over something as seemingly insignificant as an item of clothing's colour. Well, here to prove that we are still the same curious beings all these years later is Billie Eilish and her Nike Airs.

Over the weekend Billie took to Instagram Stories to share a photo of trainers that her dad thought were pink and white whereas, she says, they're actually green and white... although this wasn't a unanimous conclusion with Billie's fans.

Here are the trainers in question:

Photo credit: @billieeilish - Instagram
Photo credit: @billieeilish - Instagram

Aaaand again:

Photo credit: @billieeilish - Instagram
Photo credit: @billieeilish - Instagram

Fans took to Twitter to discuss the matter in more detail, with many also claiming to see pink and white. It wasn't long before the whole thing turned into one hilarious back and forth with Billie, who equally confused at how they couldn't see green and white.

"I don't know what happened to you in your f*cking childhoods, but pink and white?!?" said Billie. "That's what you're going with? Pink and white? PINK AND WHITE?"

SO, whaddaya think? Do you see pink and white or green and white?

Honestly, I kinda see both which makes the whole thing even more confusing. BUT, we're told they're actually green and white, with the product listed as 'mint white' online. I guess that's that then?

We'll show ourselves out.

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