Bird on a wire: Yishun woman hangs hungry mynah to ‘teach it a lesson’

A woman hanged a live bird outside the window of a Yishun flat to teach it a lesson and deter others from flying into her kitchen, a local animal group said yesterday. 

The black myna bird was dangling from a laundry pole stand to which it appeared tied by its leg in a video posted online by the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society, or ACRES. The group was alerted to the bird via its rescue hotline and subsequently went to the flat to save it. 

“Our rescue officers were shocked to learn from the unit’s resident that the mynah was deliberately hung from the pole to teach the mynah (and other mynahs) a lesson so they can ‘learn’ not to enter her kitchen,” the post added. 

The NParks’ Animal and Veterinary Service is investigating the matter, it wrote. The woman was not identified.

The mynah was assessed for injuries and given some water and food before being released,” the group said in its statement. 

The woman was then told that she had committed an act of cruelty and was advised other ways to deter birds drawn to exposed food in the kitchen. 


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