What is the ‘My Birkin’ TikTok trend?

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An absurd TikTok about Birkin bags inspired a hilarious trend.

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Thanks to the ’90s series Sex and the City and online influencers, Hermes’ Birkin bags have become some of fashion’s most covetable bags. But that wouldn’t be the case without their long waitlists and high price tags. In 2019, the most expensive Birkin ever, the Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin 30, was sold for $400,000.

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So when a content creator made a video comparing his Birkin to “another Birkin,” it sparked an ironic challenge.

Where does the “My Birkin” sound come from on TikTok?

The video was created by influencer Charles Gross, in which he compared his Birkin to another Birkin to note their subtle differences.

“My Birkin. Another Birkin,” Gross said earnestly. “But what makes these two Birkins different, and what small feature about them divides the Hermes collector community?”

What is the “My Birkin” trend on TikTok?

The utter ridiculousness of comparing luxury handbags that retail for $10,000 to $250,000 as if it was relatable content was enough to send TikTok into a tizzy. Gross’ sound has been used in more than 11,000 videos.

In the trend, people compare two deceptively similar items and point out their differences. Of course, the things are anything but expensive purses.

TikTok does the “My Birkin” trend

A father compared his twin daughters, Nessa and Roni, the difference being the latter has one dimple, and the former has two.

TikToker @ellieaddis put her Shrek mugs up against each other for the challenge.

The user @420skankhunt compared a Lego model of her black and white cat with her actual black and white cat.

“Me explaining the difference between the American Girl historical dolls and the Girl of the Year dolls,” @rachleahx said in a video.

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