Blake Lively Ended Her Instagram Hiatus Just to Publicly Flirt With Ryan Reynolds

Alyssa Bailey
Photo credit: Steven Ferdman - Getty Images


Blake Lively has spent the majority of 2019 out of the spotlight and off of social media as she works and gets ready for the birth of her and her husband Ryan Reynolds' third child. But last night, she returned to Instagram to leave a flirty comment on Reynolds' latest post. Lively's last post on the platform was way back in May when she announced her third pregnancy.

Reynolds shared some portraits of himself from his Aviation Gin shoot and made a cheeky reference to his and Lively's two daughters James and Inez. "LOVE this @AviationGin shoot with the legendary @guyaroch," he captioned the photo gallery. "Hair by @serafinosays and styling by @joseph.episcopo. Bags under my eyes by two thankless assholes who refused to go to bed the night before, despite the fact I read them Winnie the Pooh and nearly half of Stephen King’s The Shining."

Lively liked the post and jumped in the comments section to say, "Feeling very happy about my life choices right about now..." Over 371,000 people liked her comment.

Photo credit: Instagram

Lively and Reynolds have made flirting—or really, trolling each other—on social media their thing. Posts in the past have included Lively playfully suggesting she should be worried about Reynolds' relationship with Helen Mirren. "Should I be concerned that my husband's never looked at me this way?... #WhereAreThoseEyesWanderingReynolds #HelenMirrenIStheSexiestWomanAlive #WomanInGold"

And Lively dissing Reynolds' baking skills. "@vancityreynolds made some Christmas cookies... 😳...He’s verrry handsome though."

Reynolds, for his part, has made posting unflattering photos of Lively for her birthday his thing. Here's two birthday posts as proof:

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