Bleed eSports Raises 1.5 Million SGD From Sponsor To Fuel Growth

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Newly founded Singapore-based esports organisation Bleed eSports has landed a two-year partnership with premium water purification company Hydroflux. Bleed eSports currently fields a competitive team in Valorant and is one of the top teams in Asia.

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Lincoln Lim, CEO of Hydroflux, commented on the investment: “Hydration is one of the most overlooked areas for performance optimization as a gamer. Its effect on cognition is far greater than you may think. Hence, it’s important players have easy access to clean water at their desired temperature within seconds.”

The funds raised will be used to innovate and develop a futuristic gaming hub for players and staff.

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Bleed eSports Director, Mervyn Goh spoke about their upcoming facility in a release: “In Singapore, we have to serve 2 years of mandatory national service. We are trained for some of the most demanding and challenging situation a person can face. However, despite the glaring differences compared to eSports, there's a similarity in which both fields requires training cognitive skills for a range of situations where a split-second decision could make all the difference.

This partnership aims to help expand Bleed's key operations and provide more opportunities for Singaporeans in the eSports industry while providing unique and innovative content to feed into the ever-growing interest for eSports in the region.

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