Blink-182 upsets fans by selling ‘disappointing’ Travis Barker upgrade for $1,000

Blink-182 fans are not happy over the band’s latest meet-and-greet offer.

The California punk rockers – best known for songs including “All the Small Things” and “I Miss You” – are heading on tour once again this summer following their world tour last year.

The trio, comprising Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker, will play Reading and Leeds festival in August.

As listed on the ticket website, the band are offering fans the chance to purchase a meet-and-greet upgrade with drummer Barker for $1,000 (£760).

The price includes a signed Polaroid picture, “one laminate”, and the opportunity to get a tattoo on their arm or leg from “one of Travis’ favourite artists”.

The tattoos, however, must be selected from a selection of “flash designs”. These are smaller, repeatable designs that are often sold at a discount by tattoo artists.

Among the designs on offer are Blink-182’s smiley face logo, and the slogan: “Aliens are real”.

Notably not included in the price tag is a ticket to the concert itself.

Fans of the Noughties band have expressed their disappointment in the price of the add-on – especially given the fact that the whole band is not involved.

“Looking forward to seeing Blink-182 in August but this is disappointing to see,” wrote one person alongside a screenshot of the ticket page. “Don’t need to be a huge fan, just need to be rich! There must be a better way to do this on a more equitable level that favours the fandom over the almighty dollar.”

Another added: “I got an email about a meet & greet for Travis Barker for $1,000. It’s not even the whole band and no other perks.”

Responding to a post asking people for their “thoughts” on the matter, several criticised the move.

“It’s a joke that he’s charging his fans this much because without them he probably wouldn’t be in the position to charge this much,” said one person.

Someone else replied: “Idk what’s worse, being an artist charging this or being a fan OK with paying that.”

“For this price that tattoo better be big,” said a third person, with another adding: “The tattoo part is kinda neat but $1,000?”

Others were more understanding of the band’s decision, with one person writing: “I’m OK with it. Bands can hardly afford to tour. If selling an experience keeps them on the road, then go for it.”

The Independent has contacted a representative for the band for comment.

Some people blamed the influence of business mogul and manager Kris Kardashian, mother to reality star Kourtney Kardashian whom Barker married in 2022.

“This is Kris Jenner’s fault,” said one person. Another joked: “He’s been in the boardroom with Kris I see…”

Last year, Blink-182 released their 10th album One More Time… following on from the release of 2019’s Nine.