Blinken declares Putin's plans for Ukraine defeated by global unity

Antony Blinken
Antony Blinken

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's initial plans for the war in Ukraine have failed, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on April 29.

"Having brought many countries together effectively, we helped the incredibly brave Ukrainians repel the aggression, and now effort and struggle continues. But Vladimir Putin's plans for Ukraine are to wipe it off the map, to subsume it into Russia, that no longer exists. That’s failed," said Blinken at the World Economic Forum in Riyadh.

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Many countries, both in Europe and beyond, have united in recognizing that "there was an aggression, not only against Ukraine, but against some of the foundational principles of the international system."

"If we allow such challenges to go unanswered, potential aggressors worldwide will take notice, leading to increased conflict rather than less," the American diplomat added.

The alliance in Europe is now an alliance that is "stronger, larger than it was," according to Blinken.

"I think [we have] a plan to enable Ukraine to be a success over time. A strong country: militarily, economically democratically," he concluded.

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