Blockbuster creates a beer with 'hints of nostalgia' to honor its last store

Remember the excitement you felt as a child when your parents brought you to Blockbuster to rent all of your favorite movies? Well, now you can tap into that feeling as an adult with a Blockbuster beer.

While the video-rental company is now down to its last store in Bend, Ore., it seems like people aren’t ready to completely let it go extinct. Instead, those behind the company have teamed up with 10 Barrel Brewing Co. to create a craft beer in its name — quite literally — dubbed the Last Blockbuster. And according to the brewing company’s co-founder Chris Cox, it’s made to pair well with your favorite movie theater snacks.

“The Last Blockbuster beer pairs perfectly with buttery theater popcorn and your favorite movie-size chocolate, with a light body, smooth finish, and hints of nostalgia,” Cox told Business Insider. The company’s Instagram promises even more.

The Last Blockbuster beer is set to launch at a 10 Barrel block party in Oregon on Sept. 21, kicking off the limited time sale at all six of its pub locations. For people feeling nostalgic, they might want to make the trek to Bend to partake in a final Blockbuster experience, before they forever Netflix and chill.

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