• Removal of condoms from store at NUS stirs debate

    No condoms on sale at National University of Singapore. (Yahoo! photo)No condoms on sale at National University of Singapore. (Yahoo! photo)

    UPDATED 2:00pm 8 February 2013. A spokesperson from Dairy Farm, which owns the retail brand Guardian, has said in an email to Yahoo! Singapore Thursday that the store received verbal approval on Wednesday to put their family planning items back on display at their store at the National University of Singapore.

    Guardian will resell them once they receive official confirmation from NUS management.

    In a related move, 7-Eleven, which is also under Dairy Farm, has also written to NUS to confirm that their outlet can now stock family planning products.

    By Luna Pham

    Three things one cannot get from stores at the National University of Singapore? Tobacco, alcohol and, now, contraceptives.

    Condoms were pulled off the shelves at Guardian’s branch at NUS on Monday, sparking raging online discussion over the right of students to have access to contraceptives on campus.

    “I got the notice last Monday before work to remove the condoms from the shelves and tape the 'Family Planning' sign,” said

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  • Singapore football fans dismayed over match-fixing scandal

    Singapore football fans. (Goal.com photo)Singapore football fans. (Goal.com photo)

    By Justin Ong

    Singapore has been identified as the epicentre of a sprawling worldwide football betting ring.

    With operations implicating hundreds of matches across the globe and the crime syndicate’s link to Singapore, what do local football fans make of it all?

    Some of those Yahoo! Singapore spoke to expressed their dismay at the revelations.

    “What bothers me is that these far-reaching ill-effects, on something I love, originated so close to home,” said Zacharoy Dass, 25.

    Yusuf Abdol Hamid bemoaned the potential consequences for the viewing of the sport.

    “If there is match-fixing involved, it removes the drama and tension in football, because fans will now be suspicious of every dubious call by match officials, or a ridiculous player mistake, that ends up costing the game.”

    He admitted that he will find it “hard to trust match results from now on.”

    S-League follower Azmi Suhaimi, 27, was surprised at the syndicate’s ability to evade Singapore’s stringent laws. But his main worry lies

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  • Singapore students spill secrets in campus ‘confession’ pages

    Raunchy and rude confessions from university students (Getty Images)Raunchy and rude confessions from university students (Getty Images)

    By Luna Pham

    Singapore university students are flocking to certain Facebook pages to anonymously reveal best-kept personal secrets, ranging from mushy love confessions to saucy sexual details.

    Not limited to a pastor’s ears, their admissions are open to all to view, share and comment, Facebook-style.

    Following a trend led by students in Western schools, unsanctioned “confession” pages on the social media site have risen for Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University.

    Since its launch three days ago, the "NTU Confessions" page has garnered 3,500 likes and more than a thousand "confessions", NUS' attracted almost 6,000 likes within 10 days and SMU’s drew more than 1,000 in one.

    Confessions are submitted anonymously through a third-party survey site, and the page administrator, who has access to the content, can then post them.

    Anonymity encourages the students to bare their souls in these online confessionals.

    Where university students confess their deeds. (Yahoo! photo)

    One post

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  • Safety tips for photo sharing

    On February 5, 2013, join Yahoo! and organizations around the globe in promoting safer online experiences for all. The tenth annual Safer Internet Day, sponsored by Insafe and co-founded by the European Union, is focusing on Online Rights and Responsibilities, with the slogan “Connect with respect.”

    At Yahoo!, we try to make thinking about online safety a daily habit. We want everyone to think about what they’re posting before they post it, to create respectful interactions online. 

    Along with some of our partners, we have a lot of great ways to get involved this Safer Internet Day. Check out our ideas, and let us know how you’ll be involved. We’ll be covering the events of Safer Internet Day on Twitter at @YahooSafely.

    Yahoo! Answers:  We have also teamed up with Yahoo! Answers in our efforts. We want to hear from the community. Here’s a special question for Safer Internet Day, and we want your thoughts: 

    What is one way that you make online safety a daily habit?

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    While the debate rages on over the controversial figure of 6.9 million population by 2030, as laid out by the white paper, the way the government sought to communicate this leaves much to be desired.

    The almost instantaneous push-back by the people and the backpedalling by the government show the chasm of trust between the two sides.

    Released a day after the Prime Minister admitted that his government was “blind-sided by the outcome of some international events” and that it does not have “20/20 foresight”, the latest population projection is quite ironic and would seem a hard sell, as indeed it is.

    To add to the public outrage since the paper’s release, government ministers’ backpedalling on the matter does not inspire confidence on such an important matter of national consequence.

    Leaders are now saying and trying desperately to explain that the 6.9 million is just a working parameter, or a “worst-case scenario”, for bureaucratic planning purposes.

    Well, it is cutting no ice

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  • You don't have to go to the gym to be fit. (Thinkstock photo)You don't have to go to the gym to be fit. (Thinkstock photo)

    Here we are at the beginning of February.

    How are your New Year’s resolutions going, especially your health-related ones?

    Are you still feeling motivated? Or have you already lost your determination?

    If you’re like most people, it’s probably the latter.

    But don’t be discouraged. There are still 10 more months for you to achieve your health goals for 2013!

    As a health professional who has worked with thousands of clients, I’ve learned the keys to helping people achieve the results they want.

    Here are three simple tips that will enable you to stick to those New Year’s resolutions:

    1. Don’t be discouraged by slower-than-expected progress

    Becoming lean and strong doesn’t happen overnight. This is especially true if you don’t use illegal steroids or go on fad weight loss diets.

    Here’s the target to aim for: 0.5kg per week of fat loss. (A health professional will be able to determine your body fat using a variety of methods.)

    Remember that fat loss matters much more than weight loss.

    In the

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  • Pedestrians walk down a street in downtown financial district in Singapore on January 29, 2013. (AFP photo)Pedestrians walk down a street in downtown financial district in Singapore on January 29, 2013. (AFP photo)

    I’m sure that many of you readers out there believe the number one way to become a happier Singaporean is to vote for the correct political party in 2016.

    Regardless of your political views, this article isn’t about politics or about what the government can do to make you happy.

    It’s about what you can do to make yourself happy.

    Let me start by asking you a few questions:

    • Are you unhappy about your job?
    • Are you dissatisfied with the public transportation system?
    • Are you frustrated by the high cost of living?

    You probably answered “yes” to at least one of those questions.

    It seems like we have plenty of reasons to be unhappy. According to this recent report, we’re the unhappiest people in the world.

    (We’re even more unhappy than people living in Iraq and Afghanistan. I find that unbelievable!)

    Many people think they’ll be happy when they have the 5 C’s: cash, car, credit card, condominium, and country club.

    The new 5 Cs that we should all be chasing after

    But, on their own, these 5

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  • Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore targets 100,000 visitors over three days.News that Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS), the world's largest auto exhibition, was coming to Singapore was released two weeks ago, and the official press conference was held Thursday.

    This is the first time that MediaCorp is organising an automotive exhibition and one of the reasons why they agreed to do it was the high viewership ratings during the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix.

    With a 70 per cent stake in this initiative, MediaCorp is co-organising TAS Singapore with MUSE Group.

    Tobe Hidetaka, head of sports segment strategic marketing at MediaCorp elaborated, “We looked at the TV audience on Channel 5 and the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix had the highest ratings. This confirms that there is an underlying motorsport- or motoring-related desire in Singapore.”

    Coming on 12–14 April at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Expo and Convention Centre, Halls A to B will be occupied by mouth-watering showcases of cars, including some prominent ones from Japan.

    Expect at least 20 of the top Japanese tuners to

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  • Car falls into man-made sinkhole

    A Toyota Vios fell into a sinkhole at Keppel Road on Tuesday (YouTube screengrab)A Toyota Vios fell into a sinkhole at Keppel Road on Tuesday (YouTube screengrab)

    A car fell into a man-made 'sinkhole' at the junction of Keppel Road and Cantonment Link on Wednesday morning during the morning traffic rush.

    The sinkhole had apparently been created when a water pipe burst - and the unlucky driver of the black Toyota Vios just happened to be right in the middle of the action. The incident caused a massive traffic jam in the area just outside the Central Business District.

    No one was hurt in the accident.

    A PUB spokesman said that they had been alerted to the incident around 7 am and were repairing the burst water pipe, and that traffic had been temporarily diverted.

    Watch a video of the car being swallowed up by a gushing 'sinkhole' here:

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  • Within a span of one month, I attended three driving experiences – by BMW M, Bentley and Audi. These events allow customers to try their hand at the cars outside of the usual showroom test drive.

    With makeshift tracks and professional driving instructors as guides, they provide the opportunity for participants to try the cars in various situations, other than just drive them around the showroom.

    The Changi Exhibition Centre, home of the airshow grounds, is a popular place for such driving events due to the vast space it has. Both the BMW M Power Drive Experience and the Bentley Continental GT Speed Experience were held there one week after another at the end of November. Participants get to learn and practise driving techniques such as high speed braking zones, high speed corners, emergency lane changes and slalom.

    Lito German, marketing director of BMW Asia who organised the BMW M Power Drive Experience said, “One of the best ways to understand and enjoy a BMW vehicle is quite simply

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