• A team of Indonesian workers came across an unusual-looking creature crawling in an oil palm plantation in Sarawak on Friday.

    video of the undernourished, hairless animal was posted by local news site Borneo Post.

    The video was widely circulated online, sparking further curiosity over what the clawed animal was and what it was doing in the plantation.

    In the video, the dark-skinned creature crawls slowly crawls on all fours, and struggles to walk steadily.

    “We were shocked. None of us has ever seen such thing. One of us then hit the animal until it appeared to have passed out,” a worker was quoted as saying.

    According to the report, the worker hit the animal when it charged at them. After it regained consciousness, the workers forced it to return to the jungle.

    Two days later, the Sarawak Forestry Corporation identified it as a sun bear from a nearby forest and said a recent flood had driven the animal to the plantation.

    “Due to floods, our Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) is

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  • Kirsten Han is a Singaporean blogger, journalist and filmmaker. She is also involved in the We Believe in Second Chances campaign for the abolishment of the death penalty. A social media junkie, she tweets at @kixes. The views expressed are her own.

    This is Singapore. We like things to be neat here. That much is clear.

    This obsession with neatness and preordained categories permeates to all aspects of our lives in Singapore. Case in point: the attachment to nuclear families. Neat, mother-father-two-kids-or-three-if-you-can-afford-it nuclear families.

    People who don’t fall into this category tend to get the short shrift. We saw this in action again in Parliament on Wednesday, when Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam explained that the Working Mother’s Child Relief and the Foreign Maid Levy Relief scheme were “to support married women who remain in the workforce and raise their children within the context of marriage” and would therefore not be extended to single mothers.


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  • Girls just want to have fun you say? Not these ones for sure.
    Aishah, Anithra, Emmeline, Rebekah and Vivian have chosen a career that involves live firing exercises and learning how to throw grenades.
    The five of them are from the latest batch of women who have enlisted with the Singapore Armed Forces and were featured in cyberpioneerTV’s latest video series, “Into the Fray: The making of a female soldier”.
    The first episode was posted on YouTube by the Ministry of Defence’s media arm on Thursday to give insights into what life is like for a female enlistee.
    The ladies had to go through a nine-week basic military training at the SAF BMTC at Pulau Tekong.
    “The women are treated no differently. They do the exact same things as the guys. Of course we do have our certain adjustments when it comes to IPPT or IPPC to cater to the physical conditions of a female,” said CPT Muhammad Afiq, commanding officer for Pegasus Company.
    The women featured in the video had different reasons
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  • T.O.P aka Choi Seunghyun from K-pop boy band Big Bang was spotted all over Singapore on Tuesday.

    He arrived quietly on Monday and was whisked off to fulfill a busy schedule, including a photoshoot and a visit to the ArtScience Museum for the Prudential Eye Awards exhibition.

    Photos of the South Korean rapper started appearing on social media as star-struck fans posted glimpses of the low-key visit.

  • If you were born in the '80s or early '90s, you would surely know Mel C, the Sporty Spice of the once-upon-a-time world-famous pop group The Spice Girls.

    No one seems to have recognised her, though, as she traipsed around on public transport and in malls over about a week in Singapore, as part of the judging panel for Asia's Got Talent — alongside veteran music producer David Foster and F4's Van Ness Wu.

    Here are some of the pics she snapped while here:

  • [UPDATED on 15 January 2015, 8.45am: Hotpot Culture owner admits there was a rat in the buffet dish]

    Hotpot Culture’s owner Lim Choon Kok admitted that a rat was found in the salted vegetable dish. He also sent a warning letter to the chef for the incident, reported The Straits Times.

    Rat droppings and two more rats were found at the premises of Marina Square's Hotpot Culture restaurant, days after news broke of a rat carcass allegedly being found in one of its buffet dishes.

    The National Environment Agency said it will also be taking action against the eatery, saying it can be fined up to $2,000 and six demerit points upon conviction.

    In a statement on Wednesday sharing findings from its investigation, the agency said it found dried rat droppings on the floor of the store room as well as on a false ceiling in the restaurant's kitchen.

    "A gap was found in the wall of the storeroom near the ceiling, and another one in the false ceiling of the kitchen," a spokesperson for the agency said

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    It seems like foreigners, including this YouTube vlogger, are still poking fun at our chewing gum ban and ridiculous fines. 

    Seriously, Singaporeans have long gotten over not being able to chew gum. 

    But looks like it is still big news for some people in other parts of the world. 

    A popular US YouTuber has listed what he calls “7 Insane Laws of Singapore”, citing all his details from -- not his ownresearch -- Wikipedia. 

    The blogger, known as Toby Turner, poked fun at how Singaporeans can get penalised for “chewing gum”, “being gay”, "not flushing the toilet”, “spitting”, “being naked in your own house”, urinating in public lifts and taking drugs in the country. 

    “Wow, one country’s legal drug is another country’s mandatory death sentence,” said Turner in the three-minute video.

    “That’s why the crime rate is so low, because they kill everybody off!” he added. 

    While some of what he said can be true, it's not hard to notice that the video is laden with exaggerations too. 


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  • Pun-ny play on Singapore MRT station names

    Puns on train station names are bringing on the laughs online.

    It started when a Malaysian Facebook user Scyler Yang posted a compilation of puns using Hong Kong MTR station names.

    Some of Facebook user Scyler Yang's puns on Hong Kong MTR station names.Some of Facebook user Scyler Yang's puns on Hong Kong MTR station names.

    Inspired by his project, Singaporean Pamela Tham posted a compilation of her own using Singapore MRT station names. Her Facebook album of puns has been shared over 1,500 times.  

    Puns like “We all have good days, and bad days. Some are happy and Somerset” and “Of course can lah. I knows, and Eunos it can be done” are just some of the examples of the hilarious play on words that Tham and friends put together.

    Singaporean Facebook user Pamela Tham's compilation of puns playing on Singapore MRT station names.Singaporean Facebook user Pamela Tham's compilation of puns playing on Singapore MRT station names.

    Local website SGAG also shared Tham’s post, and netizens were quick to contribute to the growing list of puns.

    What do you think of these puns? Can you come up with some witty ones too?

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  • Is Teo Ser Luck the coolest Member of Parliament (MP) in Singapore?

    That may be arguable, but the Minister of State for the Ministry of Trade and Industry, who is also the MP of Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, has been observed to be updating his Facebook with a list of funny hashtags.

    “My posts are usually daily experiences so the [list of] hashtags is a little humour added with these experiences,” he says in an email response to Yahoo! Singapore.

    With over 9,000 likes on his Facebook page, Teo’s strong hashtag game has not gone unnoticed — news of his fun little posts have been circulating around social media, garnering positive responses from amused social media users.

    One Facebook user, Charmaine Ng, commented on the MP’s post saying, “#LOL, #awesome, #welikeyou and #youngatheart.”

    Another user, Saffire Ng Xinying, commented, “LOL the hashtags you use surprised me la! Hahahah, just made my day a little better! Good job!”

    Here are some of the Facebook posts.

    1. On Kopitiam Square @ Sengkang

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  • Kirsten Han is a Singaporean blogger, journalist and filmmaker. She is also involved in the We Believe in Second Chances campaign for the abolishment of the death penalty. A social media junkie, she tweets at @kixes. The views expressed are her own.

    I doubt anyone shed a tear for Jover Chew when he found himself on the receiving end of a large amount of flak, trolling, and pizzas. He was, after all, a dishonest businessman and an awful person.

    But agreeing with the need for Chew to be punished should never be conflated with an endorsement of online vigilantism. This is also a problem that extends far beyond a single case of dodgy dealings in Sim Lim Square. 

    When someone’s bad behaviour is highlighted on social media platforms, it doesn’t take very long for his or her personal information to be broadcast to all. And I’m not just talking about Facebook profiles, but home addresses and personal telephone numbers. It doesn’t take a genius to deduce that this information isn’t being shared

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