• Talk about a special bond between two friends.

    Glenn and Buzz have been inseparable since the day they were abandoned but now they’re looking for a new home together.  

    Glenn, a Jack Russell, is permanently blind but gets around with the help of his guide dog Buzz, the Staffordshire bull terrier. 

    “Buzz acts as Glenn’s eyes and it’s as simple as that,” Sue Biebly from Stray Aid rescue centre told the BBC. “Glenn gets his confidence from Buzz, and if they were separated even for a few minutes they both bark and become distressed, so they would need to have a loving home together.”

    Three weeks ago, the abandoned pair was found in a sea tunnel in Hartlepool, England. They’re now being cared for and reside at the Stray Aid rescue centre, where the staff hope to find a loving home for the pair.

    The centre says the dogs, who are believed to be between nine and 10 years old, were dumped at the tunnel because of their age. Since becoming his guide dog, Buzz cannot stand to be separated from

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  • Doctors in Chile have discovered a 50-year-old fetus inside a 92-year-old woman’s abdomen.

    After suffering a nasty fall, the woman was admitted to a hospital. That’s where doctors learned via X-ray that she was carrying a decades-old, 4.4 lbs fetus, the BBC reports.

    The rare phenomenon, known as a lithopedion, is the result of a fetus dying during pregnancy and becoming calcified.  

    Marco Vargas Lazo, the director of the hospital, called the case “extraordinarily rare.”

    The fetus, he said, was large and developed, occupying all of her abdominal cavity.

    According to reports, there are only 300 known cases of “stone babies” in the world.

    The study states that the chance of “abnormal pregnancy” is one in 11,000, with lithopedion occurring in 1.5% to 1.8% of those cases.

    After looking at all of the recorded cases, the study found two-thirds of the diagnosis happened in women over the age of 40. The “period of fetus retention” ranged from four to 60-year-old women.

    The 92-year-old did not

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  • weding dress eBayweding dress eBay

    It is not uncommon to see wedding dresses up for bid on eBay, but this beautiful Diane von Furstenberg number certainly stands out.

    The lace, size eight ‘Zarita’ dress was supposed to be worn in a wedding at City Hall in New York., but the dress was put up for auction after the owner and her Brooklyn based fiancé had split.

    The Metro reports that the owner is a 30-year-old British woman who wants to remain anonymous. She told the paper that, “while the dress still sits abandoned in the corner of her room, it acts as a constant reminder of what might have been. So although she loves it with all her heart, she has to let it go.”

    The original eBay post was titled “Rejected wedding dress seeks lasting love and holy matrimony.” Bidding on the dress has come to an end, reaching £1,150.00 ($2,242.60 CAD). 

    The e-Bay post began with a poignant anecdote: ”I was supposed to be worn at City Hall in New York. I was going to be the main attraction of a 60s wedding theme. I was going to be low-key,

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  • Give yourself a pat on the back.

    Parenthood is tough, and you’re doing the best you can.

    You thought the worst was over when you no longer had to deal with dirty diapers, multiple middle-of-the-night wakings, and temper tantrums.

    But it seems like the worst isn’t over. In the blink of an eye, you now have a defiant child on your hands.

    He talks back to you. He disobeys you. He doesn’t pay attention in class. He refuses to do his homework.

    Maybe the situation is more serious than that. Maybe he’s hanging out with bad company, or maybe he’s started smoking or drinking.

    You’ve tried everything, but things haven’t improved. But rest assured that there’s hope, because the situation can get better.

    Having mentored many rebellious, defiant children, I’ve come up with a list of 10 strategies that work:

    1. When you’re angry, walk away temporarily.

    It’s reasonable to get angry when your child is rude or disrespectful. But if you’re on the brink of losing control of your emotions, walk away.

    Tell your

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  • [Youtube Picture]

    Raccoons are known for their thievery, but this little guy may also be an alcoholic.

    A raccoon broke into a warehouse, and instead of finding food, the furry creature found alcohol. He got wasted.

    Workers, at an alcoholic distribution warehouse, captured the raccoon on video stumbling all over the place and drinking from broken beer bottles.

    As seen on video, the critter definitely had a tough night at the warehouse: a beer case toppled over on the ground, scattering cans and bottles of beer everywhere.

    After having a few sips, the raccoon awkwardly attempts to escape the drunkard’s paradise, but not before completely wiping out at the doorway, much to the entertainment of the shop workers.


    With over 500,000 hits, the hilarious video is sure to make anyone’s day but let’s hope this poor guy makes a fast recovery from his hangover. 

  • Mollie and Sean BusbyMollie and Sean BusbyBy Megan Craig

    Mollie Busby thought she'd spend her life in the fashion industry, happily putting her degrees in journalism and retail to use as the editor of a women's magazine. 

    But then she met Sean -- at the 2010 funeral of a 13-year-old boy named Jesse, the son of one of Mollie's good friends. Jesse had died of complications from type 1 diabetes. Sean Busby, a professional backcountry snowboarder who also has type 1 diabetes, ran a charity called Riding on Insulin that he wanted to kick into high gear after Jesse's death. Mollie decided to make that happen.

    They fell in love in the process. And traveled the world. And got married, always keeping Jesse in mind as they pursued bigger and better things for Riding on Insulin, which helps connect people with type 1 diabetes, largely through snowboarding camps. They also sought bigger and better things for themselves.

    For them, that meant moving to a small skiing community in northwest Montana, living off the grid in a yurt, a portable,

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  • 2015 has been an incredible year for Pentatonix – their Christmas album went platinum, they received their first Grammy award and debuted on the big screen in Pitch Perfect 2.

    The band, which just concluded the Asia leg of their On My Way Home tour, has added yet another thing to its list of accomplishments by releasing a 90-minute documentary on Vimeo on Demand. The video came out on June 18.

    The feature follows the group on their journey back to Texas after receiving their first platinum plaque for "That’s Christmas to Me" and winning a Grammy award.

    Mixed with live performances, the movie features a behind-the-scenes look at the group's on North American tour as they start to record their fully-original album.

    Pentatonix first announced the documentary with a teaser trailer while they were in Japan. Fans all around the world holding their breath for the release ever since.

    Here are some reasons why you should watch it:

    1. It makes you emotional

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  • The photo of the letter and offensive decorations, posted to Facebook.The photo of the letter and offensive decorations, posted to Facebook.

    What does $20,000 worth of ‘relentlessly gay’ décor look like?

    Thanks to a mean-spirited letter which has inspired a GoFundMe campaign, we may soon find out.

    Julie Baker of Baltimore, Md. says she received a note from her neighbour in response to a row of rainbow solar lamp jars in her front yard, which have “Love” and “Ohana” (Hawaiian for family) written on them.

    It reads:

    Your yard is becoming Relentlessly Gay! Myself and Others in the neighborhood ask that you Tone it Down. This is a Christian area and there are Children. Keep it up and I will be forced to call the police on You! Your kind need to have Respect for GOD.

    The letter was posted to Facebook (along with a photo of the jars) by a friend of Baker’s. Since the post went up Wednesday night, it has touched a nerve online and inspired everything from a Relentlessly Gay website, t-shirts, plans for a Relentlessly Gay Garden Party (with kid-friendly ideas, of course) and the GoFundMe page, intended to raise money for more

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  • A quick trip to the neighbourhood hardware store may just be enough to keep a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, turtle alive.

    With the help of epoxy glue and cable ties, veterinarians at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at the Wisconsin Humane Society have been able to piece together the shattered shell of a painted turtle hit by a car — an injury akin to broken bones in a human.  

    “The cable ties are gently tightened until they bring the two pieces of bone, the shell in close proximity so they can heal,” Scott Diehl, Director of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, told Fox News WITI-TV.

    Gertie, named by the centre’s staff, would have died within hours had she not been rescued by the side of the road, Diehl told The Huffington Post.

    According to Diehl, sewing cable ties into the shell and holding it together with glue is a preferred method for saving turtles, and is the less invasive alternative. 

    “The turtle would have to be under anesthesia,” Diehl said, describing another procedure to The

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  • Eiichiro Oda celebrates the record with this illustration. (Photo: GameoverHK)Eiichiro Oda celebrates the record with this illustration. (Photo: GameoverHK)

    ‘One Piece’, a Japanese manga series set in the world of pirates and marines, has officially became the best-selling comic book series in history.

    320,866,000 copies of the manga, created by Eiichiro Oda, was printed worldwide from December 1997 to December 2014. The manga’s 77th volume was released on April 3 with an initial print run of 3.8 million copies.

    The previous Guinness World Record for “The most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author” was held by Akira Toriyama’s legendary Dragon Ball manga series.

    A ceremony was held in Tokyo on Monday (June 15) to present the award, but Oda didn't attend and was represented by Weekly Shounen Jump editor Yoshihisa Heishi.

    “Manga is just entertainment that kills time, but I feel happy when my readers tell me that they have made friends or got a sweetheart by talking about One Piece,” Oda said in a statement.

    He went on to thank his readers, supporters and past manga artists for their support.

    “I will continue to draw a

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