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  • City Harvest Church management 'disappointed' by verdict: Sun Ho

    City Harvest Church's management are "disappointed" by the guilty verdict a judge handed down Wednesday against senior pastor Kong Hee and five others for criminal breach of trust and falsifying accounts.

    This was said by CHC co-founder and executive director Ho Yeow Sun, who is Kong's wife and is more popularly known as Sun Ho, in a statement Wednesday morning on behalf of the church's management board.

    "The judge has rendered his decision and, naturally, we are disappointed by the outcome," Sun Ho said, noting that Kong and the others were "studying the judgment intently and will take legal advice from their respective lawyers in the days to come".

    "As was the case throughout these past three years of court trial, and the earlier two years of investigation, we have placed our faith in God and trust that whatever the outcome," she said.

    Sun Ho also expressed thanks for members' "unwavering faithfulness in loving God and loving one another", and said she and Kong were "humbled by the

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  • Lorry hits car on Balestier Road

    A lorry slammed into a car on Balestier Road on Sunday, leaving a few people injured.

    The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that they were alerted to the incident at 347 Balestier Road at 7:40pm on Sunday.

    After they sent two ambulances to the site, they conveyed two males and one female to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

    A madam Ang, one of the passengers in the car, told Yahoo Singapore that she, her husband, two sons and daughter were in the vehicle looking for a restaurant when the lorry hit them.

    Her husband's arm was injured and her daughter suffered chest pains from the accident, but she and her sons were unharmed.

    A passer-by, Carol Chew, said the lorry came from the opposite direction and went to the other side of the road, hitting the car.

    Kenny, the driver of the lorry, said he tried to avoid a motorcycle that passed in front of him.

    His left leg was injured in the incident.

    -- With reporting by Alycia Lim

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  • Woodlands checkpoint vehicle dash: Man charged with vandalism, acting rashly

    [UPDATE on Tuesday, 18 March at 4:5pm: Adding details about man being remanded]

    A 64-year-old man accused of dashing through the Woodlands checkpoint with his vehicle has been remanded to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

    Last week, the man was charged with vandalism and acting rashly, after his car went over a partially raised clearance barrier at the Woodlands Checkpoint earlier this month.

    According to Channel NewsAsia, Singapore permanent resident Tan Chu Seng, a Malaysian, was slapped with two charges altogether. Both offences he was charged for were committed at 4:03pm at the checkpoint on Saturday, as he was entering Singapore from Malaysia.

    Tan, who allegedly drove his Singapore-registered gold Mercedes Benz through the arrival car channel while trying to escape officer checks, also is said to have caused hurt to an officer named Safie Mahrom, CNA reported.

    He also is charged with driving onto the cat-claw security barrier and out of the checkpoint area, hence damaging

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  • Former Singapore archbishop Nicholas Chia 'fairly conscious', utters first word

    [UPDATE on Friday, 14 March: Adding updated details about Archbishop Emeritus's health]

    Former Singapore Catholic archbishop Nicholas Chia, 75, has woken up from his coma and spoke his first word on Thursday, said the Catholic Church.

    In a statement released on Thursday evening by Archbishop William Goh's personal assistant Magdalene Lee, the former archbishop's condition was described as "fairly conscious", adding that he was able to say "Hello" to his doctors.

    "The large clot in his brain has since resolved, and the swelling in his head is subsiding," said Lee. "The right side of his body remains weak, however, and will require physiotherapy." She added that he will remain in critical care at Mount Alvernia Hospital for the time being, where he was while in a coma.

    Last month, the 75-year-old fell into a coma after a fall, and was warded in the hospital's intensive care unit.

    In the meantime, Archbishop Goh has convened a team of five medical doctors -- which include neurosurgeons, a

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  • Young man jumps from third floor of NTU residence hall after quarrel with ex-girlfriend

    A 23-year-old male jumped from the third floor of a residence hall in Nanyang Technological University on Monday afternoon during a visit to his ex-girlfriend.

    He landed on a grassy patch and was later taken away alive to hospital in an ambulance.

    Nguyen Thanh, a student at the scene, told Yahoo Singapore that he was in his room at the first floor of Block 15 of NTU’s Residence of Hall 1 when he heard a shout at about 2:30pm.

    “I was in my room studying. I was about to take a nap when I heard a male shout out very loud and I heard a crashing sound. I didn’t know what it was then I heard a female crying and I opened the door. I saw him [the man] lying on the ground and his ex-girlfriend and another person, the cleaner of the hostel, sitting next to him,” said the 23-year-old student.
    The ex-girlfriend was asking the man who jumped “Why did you do that?” and “What happened?”, said Thanh, who is an acquaintance of the girl.

    Thanh said the man, who appeared to be in his early 20s, could only

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  • British expat Anton Casey's posts 'deeply offensive': Shanmugam

    Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam on Thursday deplored the online posts of British wealth manager Anton Casey, calling them "deeply offensive, wrong, and unacceptable".

    In a post on his Facebook page on Thursday morning, Shanmugam said like many Singaporeans he was terribly upset and offended by Casey's posts.

    Shanmugam said that those who have done well in life should always be looking out for others, especially the less well-off or need. "It is basic human decency," the minister noted.

    However, he expressed hope that Singaporeans would not attack or flame the expat's family.

    "He has attempted to apologise to Singaporeans. But some feel that the manner of his apology showed a lack of sincerity. And I think there is some basis for thinking that," Shanmugam said.

    "At the same time, I hope that Singaporeans will not attack or flame his family because of his actions,"  the minister said. "We, Singaporeans, can be bigger than that."

    Casey, a senior wealth manager, was the subject of

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  • PM Lee orders Committee of Inquiry on Little India riot

    [UPDATE Monday, 9 December, 6:50pm: Adding PM Lee and Workers' Party latest reax.]

    Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has ordered a Committee of Inquiry (COI) to look into the Little India riot that happened on Sunday night.

    "The COI will review the factors that led to the incident, how the incident was handled, and how we manage areas where foreign workers congregate," he explained in a  Facebook post on Monday evening.

    PM Lee also said that the Little India riot, which was triggered after a fatal accident involving an Indian national, was an isolated incident caused by an unruly mob, and that the vast majority of foreign workers here obey the laws.

    He urged the public to not let the incident tarnish their perception on foreign workers here or condone hateful or xenophobic comments -- especially those online.

    In the early hours of 9 December, PM Lee had also on Facebook condemned the rare riot that broke out in Singapore's Little India district late Sunday night, saying there was "no excuse"

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  • Deceased foreign worker in Little India riot tripped and fell after being ejected from bus: Police

    Sakthivel was ejected from the private bus as he was drunk.

    [UPDATED on 11 December at 11am: Adding fresh details about accident]

    The 33-year-old Indian national who died after being run over by a bus was drunk, said Singapore police in fresh details that emerged from its investigation into an accident that triggered the first riot in Singapore in more than 40 years.

    In a press conference on Monday afternoon, police told local media that the man, identified as construction worker Sakthivel Kumarvelu, was drunk and causing trouble when he boarded the bus that eventually ran him down.

    According to local media, the bus was full but he climbed on anyway and started to cause trouble. The bus was ferrying workers from Tekka Lane back to their dormitory in Jalan Papan.

    At one point, Sakthivel pulled his pants down and the bus driver asked his female timekeeper assistant -- in charge of keeping the bus running on schedule -- to get him to alight, reported Today newspaper. Channel NewsAsia reported that the "female timekeeper on (the) bus (was) assaulted"

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  • Businessman, student charged for Istana hacking

    [UPDATED 29 November, 5:20pm: Details of court appearance of Melvin Teo added.]

    Student Melvin Teo, 17, was charged in court on Friday afternoon over the alleged hacking of the official website of Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam.

    Teo is accused of unauthorised modification of the contents of the Istana website, specifically for adding the phrase, "Patrick Tan for the win!".

    Earlier in the day, businessman Delson Moo, 42, was also charged in court for unauthorised access and modification of the site.

    He allegedly added to the site an image of a woman pointing her middle finger as well as an insulting Hokkien phrase.

    Both Teo and Moo are out on bail, which was initially set at $10,000 for each. However, Moo's bail was raised to $20,000 as his request to travel on family holiday in December was granted.

    Moo and Teo were arrested Thursday morning for the alleged hacking of the official website of Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam, police said that day.

    In a statement in the afternoon,

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  • Certis Cisco officer found dead in toilet of Supreme Court

    A Certis Cisco officer was found dead with her service revolver beside her in the toilet of the Supreme Court Tuesday afternoon, police said.

    The deceased was in her early 20s and had a gunshot wound to her head.

    She had been working for Certis Cisco for about one year.

    Police said they received a call around 1:19pm informing them of a person found injured in a toilet cubicle in the Supreme Court.

    She was pronounced dead by paramedics at about 1:35pm.

    No foul plays is suspected and investigations are ongoing, police said.

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