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  • This Singaporean collects vomit bags as a hobby

    Chen Yinghao, 30, collects vomit bags from airlines all over the world. (Yahoo! photo/Fann Sim)

    Do people in Singapore do more than just the usual things like shopping, surfing the web or watching movies? In a multi-part series, Yahoo! Singapore talks to people with very odd hobbies and how they got into them.

    Whenever Chen Yinghao flies, the first thing he does while onboard an aircraft carrier is to look for the vomit bags – and it’s not because he is afraid of flying or has air sickness.

    The 30-year-old has a love for vomit bags and is part of a very small community of vomit bag collectors around the world calling themselves “baggists”.

    One of two baggists in Singapore, Chen has amassed close to 600 barf bags from over 200 airlines, including Singapore Airlines and the now-defunct Balkan Bulgarian Airlines.

    By day, he works as a marketing brand executive for a pharmaceutical company. By night, he trawls eBay and online barf bag websites for potential purchases or swaps with other baggists.

    It all started 13 years ago, when he went on a trip to Nepal for his junior college's

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  • SDP proposes scheme to screen foreign PMETs

    SDP proposes merit-based system to screen foreigners seeking employment in Singapore. (Yahoo! photo)SDP proposes merit-based system to screen foreigners seeking employment in Singapore. (Yahoo! photo)

    Weighing in on the population debate, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has proposed a scheme to tighten the screening of foreign professionals and ensure that Singaporeans are first considered for hiring.

    Among six recommendations it set forth in an alternative white paper presented Thursday night, SDP suggested a "TalentTrack" scheme that would take into account the age, number of dependents, qualifications, work experience and skill sets of potential foreigners to be employed in Singapore.

    Party chief Chee Soon Juan said on Thursday that the SDP's paper titled "Building a People - Sound Polices for a Secure Future" is a comprehensive set of policy initiatives that takes into consideration not just the matter of lowering the population but also tightening immigration, lowering the costs of living and retaining Singaporean talent.

    Before a foreigner can apply to work in Singapore under the TalentTrack scheme, a Singaporean employer must first demonstrate that they have made

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  • Oppa Cai Shen Dao! (Screengrab)Oppa Cai Shen Dao! (Screengrab)

    Just when you'd had enough of "Gangnam Style" and all its parodies, here comes a wickedly creative twist to the massive Psy hit in time for Chinese New Year.

    Enter "Oppa Cai Shen Dao", a collaboration between Malaysian flash animator Jess the Dragoon and her brother Josh Tamugaia.

    In this version of "Gangnam Style", a broke man begs the Cai Shen (Chinese God of Wealth) for money in the new year. The lyrics are in East Malaysian Hokkien but familiar enough for those who know the dialect, and English subtitles are included as well.

    Uploaded last Friday, the two-minute video has been viewed close to 3,000 times as of Sunday morning but what is refreshingly unique is its inventive, Oriental-themed animation, complete with hilarious Hokkien lyrics and zithar-backed soundtrack.

    The God of Wealth looks like Psy, with his signature round glasses but with a beard and a Cai Shen get-up. And instead of doing the "horse dance" in a park, Cai Shen does his dance at a Chinese, complete with lion

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  • The "massage therapist" uncle who had been sexually harassed by sexy women is back with a new job.

    A Singapore-based community jobs website has come up with a follow up to the viral video ad of "Uncle Toh", reprised by sound engineer Toh Kia Hing.

    In the new ad, the grumpy old man is now a retail assistant at a sportswear shop.

    Everything is well until his "crazy boss" decides to transfer him to the swimwear department.

    "I thought to myself, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. At least I wouldn't have to massage them," Toh said in the video.

    However, the poor uncle soon learns he has to bear with the demands and caprices of ladies trying out bikinis in the fitting room. The women include blogger Peggy Heng and Miss Singapore World finalist Kuek Ziyi.

    The video is an advertisement by Jobiness, a community for job seekers and employers.

    Watch the video below.

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  • A reckless lorry driver crashes into a motorcyclist on PIE. (Screengrab)A reckless lorry driver crashes into a motorcyclist on PIE. (Screengrab)

    A three-minute long video of a lorry crashing into a female motorcyclist on a busy expressway has gone viral on local forums and on Facebook.

    Uploaded by a driver who witnessed and recorded the entire accident from his in-vehicle camera, the video shows a white lorry tailgating a motorcyclist on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) between Eng Neo Avenue and Stevens Road on Friday afternoon.

    At about 2:10 minutes into the video, the lorry tries to overtake from the right but clearly barges into the hapless motorcyclist at high-speed.

    The impact of the collision sends the motorcycle crashing, as the female rider is flung onto the road. A loud "waah" can be heard as the shocked witness sees the crash unfold right ibefore his eyes.

    As he pulls over to the road shoulder to assist the fallen motorcyclist, the in-camera unit continues to record and shows the lorry pull up in front, as the driver -- a slightly chubby Chinese driver -- get out, first walking and then running backwards, presumably

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  • Plight of 'homeless' woman in Bedok captures netizens' attention

    An elderly rag-and-bone woman found to be living and sleeping along the HDB corridors of Bedok North and thought to have been homeless has been revealed to be a "hoarder".

    The plight of the 62-year-old woman, known as Auntie Koh, first came to light after a photo of her desperate situation were posted on by a 19-year-old National Serviceman Ivan Loh and shared on Facebook by civil volunteer group EDMW on Tuesday.

    Loh, who stayed at the same Block 419, even invited her to take a shower at his house, before asking on Facebook what more could be done to help the "karang guni" lady.

    When Yahoo! Singapore visited the said block on Tuesday evening, Auntie Koh was at the void deck speaking to other civic-minded Singaporeans who had come forward to offer help.

    Speaking in fluent Mandarin peppered with idiomatic expressions, the elderly lady said she was kept out of her house because of items she had collected over the years.

    "I pick up things like cardboards, refrigerators and keep them at home

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  • We look back and review the biggest stories this year. (Yahoo! file photo)We look back and review the biggest stories this year. (Yahoo! file photo)

    While 2012 has been called a "year of lust", only three sex scandals made it to a list of the biggest stories for the year.

    According to a survey by Blackbox Research, the City Harvest Church scandal comes out on top.

    It may be recalled that CHC founder Kong Hee and other senior church members were charged in court in June this year for alleged criminal breach of trust and misappropriation of funds amounting to some $24 million. The money was allegedly used to fund the singing career of Kong's wife, Sun Ho.

    Coming in second is the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) sex and corruption scandals, which broke out earlier this year.

    Former SCDF commissioner Peter Lim in June was slapped with 10 charges of corruption in a sex-for-contracts scandal involving three women. Lim, who is married, is accused of engaging in sexual trysts in 10 different occasions in exchange for favouring the women’s firms in IT-related tenders called by the SCDF.

    Former CNB

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  • Watch Felix Baumgartner attempt to be the first skydiver to fall from space.

    UPDATE 15 October 2012 2:40am. Felix Baumgartner has jumped from the edge of space and safely landed on Earth. He's broken the records for the highest manned balloon flight and highest freefall.

    10/10, 8AM:  The mission was aborted on Tuesday evening, Singapore time, due to high winds. A new bid could be made later this week, a spokeswoman said, but everything depends on the weather.

    "Today's launch has been aborted... due to wind gusts making an attempt too risky," read a statement on the Red Bull Stratos mission's website.

    It is a mission that's literally out of this world.

    Late on Tuesday evening, Singapore time, one man will jump out at the edge of space and freefall into the Earth at supersonic speed.

    It will be highest and fastest free fall in history. The man crazy enough to do it is  extreme skydiver and seasoned BASE jumper Felix Baumgartner, 43.

    Just to give you an idea, the Austrian will jump from

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  • YouTube star Steve Kardynal films a "Call Me Maybe" parody in sexy bikinis and nighties to troll Chatroulette users. (Screengrab)YouTube star Steve Kardynal films a "Call Me Maybe" parody in sexy bikinis and nighties to troll Chatroulette users. (Screengrab)

    It's been done by Cookie Monster, the USA swim team and even the PricewaterhouseCoopers HR team but this parody of "Call Me Maybe", without doubt,  takes the cake.

    In the near 4-minute video, YouTube star Steve Kardynal catches people using online chat service Chatroulette completely off-guard by showing up on videocam dressed only in a bikini and prancing along to Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song.

    Chatroulette, an online chat website that randomly pairs strangers from all over the world, connects to users' webcam services. Some log on to meet new friends but others, particularly men, log on expecting to have a bit of naughty "fun".

    The video, uploaded on 10 August, has racked up an amazing 11 million views in just four days. Kardynal is no stranger to being known of wacky videos like this. To date, he has gathered 585,000 subscribers and 113 million total video views. He is also known for his Songs in Real Life videos and other lip-dub videos.

    Find out why below.

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  • The former president of Singapore SR Nathan, 88, makes a special appearance in the wedding photo of a couple. (Photo courtesy of LightedPixels Photography)The former president of Singapore SR Nathan, 88, makes a special appearance in the wedding photo of a couple. (Photo courtesy of LightedPixels Photography)

    How funky would it be to have SR Nathan make a surprise cameo in your wedding photo?

    While on their pre-wedding shoot on Friday morning at East Coast Park, bride-to-be Audrey Ng spotted the former President of Singapore SR Nathan while he was on his daily morning walk.

    Her husband-to-be Kevin Toh then approached the former president to ask if they could take a photo with him.

    "We thought it would be interesting and it's a good photo opportunity so we asked him if we can shoot with him," said Alwin Lim, who was doing the pre-wedding shoot.

    The 33-year-old photographer told Yahoo! Singapore that here was a large-built bodyguard beside the ex-president and "it was pretty scary", but the bodyguard was okay with them taking the photos.

    Lim posted the photo above to his company's Facebook page, where it gathered over 1,500 likes and 470 shares in just five hours. Some Facebook users also posted quirky comments.

    User Andy Lee said, "Love this photo. Keep me thinking Mr Nathan or love-birds

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