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  • Packing Light: 5 Tips

    Sarah Miller, Lucky magazine

    I don't understand why people bring so much crap with them when they travel. What is the point of travel if not to loosen the ties to home? Even if you're traveling for business, or another equally annoying reason, you can lessen your resentment by lightening your load. I can fit everything I need for a month-long trip-this includes a laptop, footwear, and a winter coat-into a carry-on. Is it because I'm amazing? That…and because I follow these five simple rules.

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    1. Don't feel fat before you leave, and if you do, do not plan on getting thinner before you arrive. You do not have room for two sets of clothes-say, "fat pants" and "goal pants." The addition of Lycra to cotton is a wonderful development in fashion, but it will not save you. As remarkable a skillset as Lycra has, "makes your muffin top disappear" is not on it. Accept the weight you are and pack for that weight. Bring no item that makes you think

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