• The land Down Under, home of shrimp on the barbie and all that is fair dinkum, is once again showing the world that they can’t take anything seriously, even something as grave as an economic downturn.

    If you haven’t heard, the Australian dollar has been in something of a slump of late, and one young Aussie, a man named Thomas Probst, has taken it upon himself to rally his nation’s finances a rather comical solution.

    Probst has started a petition on Change.org to change the name of Australia’s currency from the dollar to the “dollarydoo.”

    Sound familiar? If you’re a fan of seminal and absurdly long-running animated television show The Simpsons, you may recall an episode that originally aired back in 1995 titled “Bart vs. Australia,” in which young Bart makes an extremely expensive collect call to a man in Australia to inquire why the toilet water spirals down the drain in the opposite direction Down Under. When the man receives the bill, he exclaims, “Nine hundred dollarydoos!”


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  • At first glance, it looks just like a ball pit for kids, something you’d expect to see at your local Chuck E. Cheese’s. But a closer look reveals it’s not a ball pit at all.

    Over the last couple of months, Los Angeles city officials have been unleashing ‘shade balls’ into the local reservoirs in an effort to fight California’s record-breaking drought, USA Today reports.

    California is entering its fourth consecutive year of severe droughts, which is “creating an extremely parched landscape.” Los Angeles city officials declared a state of emergency earlier this year and issued “strict conservation measures statewide.”

    Facing an environmental crisis, L.A. has turned to an unusual method in order to conserve the city’s drinking water, and they’re the first to do so in the U.S. 

    Black plastic shade balls are useful for protecting drinking water by blocking out the sunlight. It’s actually “a clever water-cleaning device” too, according to Gizmodo.  

    Each ball prevents the chlorine in the

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  • We’ve all been there. 

    A drunk text to an ex, photos posted to Facebook, blurry and fuzzy with only a hint of memory. Whether it’s an impulsive and uninhibited phone call or an embarrassing video on your Instagram feed, it’s safe to say that alcohol and technology don’t mix.

    Student Patrick Davidson took to his email after a night of drinking, sending his professor, Mr. Martin, a note filled with drunken slang, an apology for Martin’s less-than-luscious head of hair, and a request for an extension on an assignment.

    Mensaje de Patrick Davidson a su profesor. Foto tomada de Reddit.Mensaje de Patrick Davidson a su profesor. Foto tomada de Reddit.

    The email was uploaded to Reddit, and Martin’s response has also gone viral.

    Mensaje de respuesta del profesor Martin a su alumno Patrick Davidson. Foto tomada de Reddit.Mensaje de respuesta del profesor Martin a su alumno Patrick Davidson. Foto tomada de Reddit.

    A few Redditors added their own tipsy texts and emails, most of which did not have quite the same response.

    [–]DMann420 posted: “I sent my university a really angry and partially drunk message about cancelling my University program 1 week after accepting me into it. Instead of likes and shares.. I got an Academic Warning.”

    CuriousKumquat added:

    “I once drunkenly texted a professor to ask an

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  • Photos of flowers on Twitter and Instagram may be as commonplace as sunsets and selfies, but one Japanese amateur photographer has captured something a bit more unique than a beautiful bloom.

    Twitter user @san_kaido posted a photo of mutated yellow daisies last month, found in Nasushiobara City, around 70 miles from Fukushima, the site of the 2011 nuclear disaster.  The photos show daisies with fused yellow centres and with the petals growing out the side of the flower.

    The daisies are not the first deformed plants found after the disaster. In 2013, the Daily Mail posted photos of mutated vegetables and fruit, attributing the apparent abnormalities to high levels of radiation found in the groundwater.

    The daisy photos come four years after the Fukushima Daichii Nuclear Power Plant meltdown which was caused after a devastating earthquake and tsunami knocked out three of the plant’s nuclear reactors. 

    Earlier this month, The Telegraph reported that on Sept. 5, residents of Naraha, close

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  • A man who thought he was anonymously sharing regrets about his moderate success in life got a pleasant surprise via social media - from his wife.

    Patrick Petrides was profiled by the popular photoblog Humans of New York on July 6, where he shared his feelings on his job and the pressure he thinks he places on his wife. Humans of New York doesn’t include the names of the people it profiles; there’s just a picture and a quote. So Petrides may have thoguht he was sharing a secret, albeit publicly.

    Humans of New York often receives thousands of comments on irts posts on Facebook, so words of encouragement aren’t surprising. But in Petrides’ case, the surprise wasn’t what was said, but who said it. 

    Only an hour after the Humans of New York post went up, Petrides’ wife Aly replied with words that set many a heart aflutter.




    Aly's reply generated over 115,000 likes and 2800 comments of its own, making the duo a true social media power couple - if only for a day.

    Heartwarming show of

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  • After four years together, a Reddit user, by the name of ‘Getzen’, decided that it was finally time for him to move in with his girlfriend.

    Little did he know, however, just how much she despised his dog Molly.

    When his girlfriend gave him an ultimatum – either she goes or the beagle goes – Getzen had no choice but to put an ad up on Craigslist with a title that read: FREE TO ANY WILLING HOME.

    “My girlfriend does not like my beagle Molly,” he wrote in his ad. “So I have to re-home her.”

    The Redditor goes on to explain how she’s “a purebred from a wealthy area,” how she “likes to play games,” but isn’t “totally trained.”

    She’ll also “never greet you at the door after a long day or give you unconditional love when you’re down,” and “does not bite but is mean as hell!”

    Any dog lover would think this is a little harsh to say about a doe-eyed beagle, but in an epic plot twist, he’s not talking about his dog. He’s talking about his girlfriend.

    “So… anyone interested in my 30-year-old,

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  • While the Confederate flag continues to be the subject of bans across North America, one Louisiana man who supports “heritage, not hate” has a bone to pick with Walmart.  

    Chuck Netzhammer requested his local Walmart decorate a cake for him in the shape of the Confederate flag and was outraged when he was refused, reports The Daily Caller

    Netzhammer decided to try another controversial symbol, the ISIS battle flag, and was shocked when his cake came back, in full piped-icing glory. In an uploaded YouTube video seen more than 500,000 times since last Friday, Netzhammer shows the cake, along with what he originally wanted – the Confederate flag with the slogan “History not hate.”

    ““WTF Walmart! ISIS is beheading Christians, selling little girls into slavery, and is currently a terrorist org at war with the United States,” he wrote in the caption to his  YouTube video.  “But you can’t buy the General Lee toy car at Wallmart[sic]? It’s a damn shame.”

    A rep from Walmart has since

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  • They gave up their typical life to face high winds and stormy seas… in a boat. 

    Matt and Jessica Johnson quit their day jobs, sold everything and bought a boat to sail the world. They haven’t looked back since.

    In August 2011, the 32-year-olds left their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, in their sail boat. Mirror reports that so far the couple has visited 16 countries from South America to the Caribbean and even crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice.

    In their former lives, Matt was a sales manager at a car dealership and Jessica worked at an auto insurance company. But one day, they decided to sell everything, including their home, and save up for this life-time trip.

    “Our lives were the typical American Dream. Go to school, get married, buy a house, start a career,” the couple told the online news outlet. “So far we’ve also left out the part about having 2.5 kids.”

    But instead of kids, the Johnsons decided to add a new member to their travels by adopting a cat named Georgie. The feline

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  • In an attempt to show women who won’t stop complaining about wearing heels what wimps they are, Brandon Cohen took it upon himself to “straight up dominate the heel game” by wearing a pair of strappy high heels for an entire day.

    Unfortunately for him, things don’t go quite as planned.

    The day starts at 8:30 a.m. with Cohen exchanging his shoes for a pair of black high heels. After only a few steps, he begins to immediately regret his decision.

    “I’m already in so much pain it’s astounding,” he says while he waits for the elevator.

    Cohen is then shown trying — and failing — to power through his daily activities from a whole new altitude.

    When he goes out for lunch, he recognizes his first mistake: parking so far away from the exit.

    As he goes down a stairwell, he grips both sides of the handle bars saying “this is just… not safe.”

    After lunch, at around 2:30 p.m, Cohen tells the person who’s filming that he has to get the car because he’s “not going to be able to survive that walk

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  • Move over, Grumpy Cat. There’s a new adorably dissatisfied kitty winning hearts online. 

    Meet Luhu, the sad celebrity cat that is sure to your Facebook and Twitter feeds. 

    Luhu’s owner, Maggie Liu, has been uploading pictures her cat on her Instagram account, where more than 10,000 followers have been checking in on the cute sad-eye feline.

    The tabby cat lives with her two older brothers, Barher and Bardie, in Beijing, China. And although the three cats share the same mother, Luhu is the only one in the family with those big, sad eyes. 

    Even when playing with her toy panda, Luhu looks adorably distraught. Nothing seems to cheer her up.

    But despite what we may see, Luhu is far from a sad cat. She plays regularly with her brothers and has displayed these sad facial expressions ever since she was a kitten.

    Liu explains on the Instagram account that her cats “faces, tastes and personalities are totally different.”

    Well, different appears to be working. Luhu Internet continues to grow

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