Another Brazilian survives accidental spear gun strike

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
This May 6, 2013 image by Rio de Janeiro State Health Department, shows the spear that was accidentally shot through the mouth of Elisangela Borborema Rosa. (Courtesy Rio de Janeiro State Health Department)

Brazil might soon become the land of horrendous spear gun accidents and miraculous survivals.

For the second time in the past month, a Brazilian survived the pierce of a fishing spear, this time directly through her mouth, according to the Associated Press.

Elisangela Borborema Rosa's husband had been cleaning his spear gun on May 6 when the weapon fired, seemingly by accident, the story says.

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The doctor who performed her emergency surgery told media the harpoon shot through the 28-year-old's mouth and spine, coming within a centimeter of killing her.

Comments on the story question why the spear gun was loaded during cleaning.

Police told the news wire that once Borborema Rosa fully recovers they will investigate the events that led to her injury. However, police said they don't suspect an attempted murder.

They should, however, suspect that family members of fisher-people in Brazil will start using duck and cover maneuvers while walking around the house.

The incident comes only three weeks after a Brazilian man shot himself in the eye with his spear gun while — once again — cleaning the device. X-rays of 34-year-old Bruno Barcellos de Souza Coutinho's head show a spear lodged about 15 centimetres into his head.

He survived and walked into the hospital for surgery several hours afterward, according to New York Daily News.

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It's time for innovation in the fishing gear industry. Or maybe a broader target market for safety courses.