Light saber ad goes viral

Melissa Law
Fit to Post Autos

Spotted earlier this month: a car mysteriously sliced in half, lying on its side at the Singapore Expo car park.

No, it's not the result of a crazy accident but actually part of a creative marketing campaign by local bank DBS as part of their DriveShield campaign.

A 44-second video mysteriously entitled "Halved Car" purportedly shows how the car came to be sawn in half.

It shows two young men dressed in bermudas sparring at night with a green and red light saber in an epic battle. One eventually manages to knock the other's light saber out of his hands, resulting in the weapon spiralling through the air before finally slicing through the car straight down the middle.

The video, which was uploaded two weeks ago,  has since gone viral, with more than 77,000 views.

The ad is the first of a series of three videos, of which the latter two are tantalizingly called Iced and Magnetized.

We can't wait.