Volkswagen CrossPolo: The Bigger Polo

Volkswagen CrossPoloVolkswagen CrossPolo

I’ve always known the Polo as the little Volkswagen, but now there is a bigger and more aggressive version of it in Singapore – the CrossPolo.

The name is quite apt for this new somewhat angry image for the Polo.

But although for a moment it looks like a mean machine that can take on the wild outdoors, the CrossPolo is not designed for the off-road.

You can call it an SUV-inspired crossover and it’s not something to be taken into the jungle.

Basically the CrossPolo houses the same body shell as the Polo but it is styled differently.

It has gained sporty wheel arches and bigger wheels (17-inch) along with fiercer front and rear bumpers for a totally different look.

Taking on a rugged demeanour, the CrossPolo seems bigger than the average Polo as its suspension has been raised and it has roof rails for an added sporty touch.

The roof rails are able to take loads up to 75kg.

The heart of the CrossPolo is no different from the Polo Sport, where the Volkswagen 1.2 TSI engine lies.

Although it shares the same performance numbers as the Polo Sport of 105bhp and 235Nm, the CrossPolo seemed more quick-footed and eager to move.

It is a turbocharged engine that is sitting in there, to give the CrossPolo that little boost it needs.

Changing up the gears on the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox was smooth and you can choose to use the gear lever to change the gears manually if you want.

Having paddle shifts might have made the sporty element stronger but I don’t think it’s necessary to have it in the CrossPolo.

The Magma Orange colour you see here is a unique colour to the CrossPolo and I like how it gives the car cheerful character, enhanced by similar orange trimming on the leather upholstery of the seats and gear lever.

Standard on the CrossPolo are two-tone fabric seats though.

This is one colour that will get you attention on the road for sure!

The interior is nothing exciting, but nothing less of the standard Volkswagen cabin with its functional dials and controls.

Level of equipment in the CrossPolo is basic, without any of the additional automatic frills.

There is more headroom in the CrossPolo due to its increased height, but the rear is more comfortable for two full-sized adults rather than three.

If you need more storage, boot space can be tripled by pushing down the rear seats.

Costing $6,500 more than the Polo Sport, the CrossPolo is a pretty straightforward package that offers what you need in a car, with that added spunk.

Volkswagen CrossPolo 1.2 TSI (A)
Engine: 1,197cc turbocharged
Transmission: 7-speed dual clutch
Max Power: 105bhp at 5,000rpm
Max Torque: 175Nm at 1,550-4,100rpm
0-100km/h: 9.9 secs
Top speed: 188km/h
Price with COE: S$149,800
Distributor: Volkswagen Group Singapore

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