• The Green Bar

    By Min Yan

    In a world where the presentation of food is almost an art in itself, the humble salad is one of the only dishes that could get away with being a haphazardly tossed bed of greens, nuts, meat, cheeses and dressing, and be considered a gourmet meal on its own.

    Yet, there's something so alluring about the simple salad — light on the palate, easy on the waistline and heavy on the health benefits — that makes it the perfect lunchtime option for healthy eating, especially in hot summer weather.

    We check out three salad bars that have made it their business to elevate the green salad into an art form.

    The Green Bar

    There isn't much room for choice at The Green Bar — only 10 salad mixes are available, and you don't get to build your own — but the beautifully presented and tasty home-made creations are definitely worth your lunch hour.

    The Smoked Duck Surprise (S$10.50) will satisfy those who prefer their salads a little heartier, as slices of warm smoked duck with balsamic

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  • Mary Gomes' Devil's Curry or Dehal Curry is just nicely spiked with chilli and tang from vinegar, and her Pork Pongteh has a sweet accent through use of onions. (makansutra)

    By KF Seetoh, makansutra

    Each year, around this time, the usual outpouring of joy and dedication — hand at heart, palm and head turned upwards in appreciation and tears of joy are common expressions of this celebration. I am of course talking about food here (especially the tears of joy part like when the Maxwell onde onde lady says you are the lucky last customer after a 30 minute wait, and it's only 12 noon).

    All stories in all manners about our local makan assail your senses, like discounts, blog musings, best versions, recipes, National Day buffets, raves about our usual top 20 dishes, and how even lobster is finding its way onto fried Hokkien prawn mee. But stop a while, look closely, notice how each year, makan icons of another very true blue Singaporean pioneer race gets left deeper into the storage shelf, as all the others — Malay, Indian, Peranakan and Chinese, gets frontline airtime. Why are there no mentions of Eurasian makan? Well, the devil is in the details, or mmm...

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  • 5 best Duxton Hill restaurants

    By Min Yan

    There's simply no denying the appeal of Duxton Hill these days. What was once a hotbed for rowdy bars and dubious establishments, Duxton Hill has since shrugged off its colourful past, revealing a charming side that keeps its distance from the area's former sleaze.

    With all of its shophouses, cobbled-stone streets and quirky shops, Duxton Hill is set to be the latest "It" place for people seeking a popular spot for an evening out without having to deal with Singapore's crowds.

    We check out five of the best eateries for every palate.

    Bonheur Patisserie

    Bonheur Patisserie

    Have a taste of "bonheur", or happiness in French, as you indulge in one of the many pastry creations at Bonheur Patisserie, a cheerful little cake shop and cafe that specialises in French pastries with Asian elements.

    Bonheur's charm lies in its fuss-free interior and simple menu: the patisserie serves only cakes and tarts, with plans for macarons, souffles and other desserts in the works. For now, its well-designed

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  • By Min Yan

    A breathtaking evening skyline can make a meal that much more memorable — and this is one city where restaurants offering up an eyeful are not in short supply. Combine the environmental eye candy with top-notch grub and you get a Singapore restaurant with a view that you're sure to return to.

    We check out five restaurants that serve up the double whammy of excellent cuisine and cityscapes to match.

    Sky on 57

    Sky on 57.Sky on 57.

    Run by arguably one of Singapore's most famous chefs, Justin Quek, Sky on 57 is simply described as a stage for Quek to showcase his creative cuisine experiments, blending classic French preparation and Asian ingredients.

    Perched atop the Marina Bay Sands, Sky affords an almost unobstructed view of the Singapore skyline. You can even see Johor Bahru in the distant if you squint hard enough.

    Take in the views from 200m off the ground before your meal for that additional touch of extravagance.



    For the longest time, Jaan was the place to be for romantic occasions, as

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  • Noma restaurant owner Claus Meyer moments before he demolished the chocolate prata at Casuarrina. (makansutra)Noma restaurant owner Claus Meyer moments before he demolished the chocolate prata at Casuarrina. (makansutra)

    By KF Seetoh, makansutra

    Halfway through devouring his chicken rice meal, he said it felt like he was being "caressed by God." If he was some high profile food reviewer or TV show personality, that would merely be colourful prose, the type that would be considered very quotable and entertaining. But he is Claus Meyer, the owner of Noma restaurant in Denmark, listed as the number one restaurant by the respectable S. Pellegrino list of top eateries in the world. That same list also recognises two Singapore restaurants — Iggy's and Andre. Claus runs Noma with his partner and executive chef, Rene Redzepi.

    Claus and his family, with their restaurant designer in tow, made a makan research trip to Singapore in late July with the assistance of the Singapore Tourism Board with one objective — to get a better feel for the Peranakan and local hawker food-inspired restaurant he plans to set up in Copenhagen, tentatively named "Namnam".

    Over two evenings with Claus, I realise why he named

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  • 5 best places for burgers in Singapore

    By Min Yan

    Although once simply ground meat on a bun, burgers in Singapore have become a mark of culinary bragging rights, with Singapore restaurants offering up many variations of the food. Veggie or rice burger anyone?

    But, at the end of the day, the juicy hamburger with all of its beefy goodness and sinfully good toppings still remains the ultimate comfort food.

    We find the five best burgers in Singapore to sink your teeth into.

    db Bistro Moderne

    Buerger by dB Bistro Modern.

    With a slew of accolades and a thriving restaurant empire to his name, culinary maestro Daniel Boulud is still best known for elevating the humble burger to an artisanal masterpiece.

    While dB Bistro Moderne is a casual spinoff of Chef Daniel Boulud's Michelin-star restaurant in New York, there's absolutely nothing casual about the dB approach to burgers. The Original dB Burger, for example, is a mark of Boulud's creative cuisine genius.

    This monster of a burger packs in sirloin along with braised short ribs, foie gras and black truffles,

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  • The Hainanese chicken rice loved by all Singaporeans.The Hainanese chicken rice loved by all Singaporeans.

    By KF Seetoh, makansutra

    National Day is around the corner and buzzing in my head, literally. I work not far from the floating platform and we can hear the roar of the fly-past jets each time they make a sortie. I can imagine what these precision pilots go through everytime — pinpoint coordination with razor sharp reaction. I can also imagine them flying over some of our national monuments , and I mean the popular hawker centres and makan hubs. I suppose they make a loop over the Marina Bay area- cruising over food hawker centres like Golden Mile at Beach Road, Old Airport Road, East Coast Lagoon, and it all happens in seconds before they swoop back over to city ones like Chinatown, Maxwell and perhaps Pasir Panjang as make their way back to Marina Bay.

    I ask, Mr Pilot, if at all you pause for a moment and give a quick mental salute to your favourite true blue Singapore restaurant as you zip over below. Do you even know or have one. I sincerely doubt so. Cruising over No Signboard

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  • By Min Yan

    Marina Bay Sands has been open for the better half of a year, but its casinos and luxury shops have been far more of a draw then it's dining scene. However, those who go to fill up shopping bags instead of stomachs are missing out.

    While customers have been focusing on other recreational activities at Marina Bay Sands, the complex has quietly been working to elevate the local dining scene on to the global stage, bringing in world-renowned chefs and their signature restaurants.

    We check out the stars of the Marina Bay Sands fine-dining scene.

    CUT by Wolfgang Puck

    CUT by Wolfgang PuckCUT by Wolfgang Puck

    Made for true steak connoisseurs, CUT by Wolfgang Puck presents a contemporary twist on the classic steakhouse offerings.

    CUT serves an elaborate menu with a wide array of signature, premium steak dishes, which are presented alongside more pescetarian friendly offerings like pan-roasted Maine lobster with black truffle sabayon, and a 500 bottle wine list.

    db Bistro Moderne

    db Bistro Modernedb Bistro Moderne

    A casual spinoff of Chef Daniel Bouloud's

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  • By Min Yan

    Dim sum may have its roots in Hong Kong, but it has been so embraced by the Singapore culinary scene that it's now part of our culture — you don't even need to go to an authentic Cantonese restaurant to find favourites such as siew mai or har gao.

    Unfortunately, the rise of dim sum in local dining means that a number of terrible imitators have also opened their doors. We can't count the number of times we had dim sum so bad it'd be polite to describe it as atrocious.

    Thankfully, the often poorly imitated siew mais and har gaos have found legitimate homes in these five outstanding Singapore dim sum restaurants. These venues have made it their business to save dim sum aficionados from the soggy buns and cold dumplings that have plagued us for too long.

    Old Hong Kong Legend

    Old Hong Kong Legend offers fuss-free comfort food that's perfect for weekly dim sum brunches.   Old Hong Kong Legend offers fuss-free comfort food that's perfect for weekly dim sum brunches.

    Old Hong Kong Legend is the restaurant chain's fourth outlet, and is also their poshest to date. A departure from its sister locales in more than decor, the restaurant offers far better dim sum here than

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  • A fragrant kopitiam Ah-Ko sock-brewed version of coffee

    By KF Seetoh, makansutra

    I had to spend two sleepless nights before I could churn this story out. It was recently reported that three to four cups of coffee a day can help keep liver cancer at bay, or at least reduce it by 44 percent. I don't know how that percentage is calculated but I am taking no chances.

    You see, I love coffee and my late father (bless his soul) passed on with some liver complications over 30 years ago. So if hereditary genetics is anything to go by, then those extra few cups I had over the weekend would certainly ease my mind about inheriting things I don't want from the family's genetic treasure. So I stayed up, entertained my heightened memory (coffee is known to have that effect) and pondered about that finding on coffee and cirrhosis.

    Firstly, I was celebrating what the Singapore Chinese Health Study research concluded -- that those few cups of intoxicating black wonder helps delay or hold back liver disease or cancer for Singapore Chinese folks

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