Have you heard of the satiety index?

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As many have observed, there are some people who have the genetic gifting of eating almost anything they like and still stay slim, the rest of us have to make smart choices, and build healthy habits to keep excess fat off.

I, for one, fall into the "former-fat-boy" category and need to make smart choices with food as do probably 90% of people out there.

There are many ways to help choose healthy foods. Some people like to use the "caveman" style food plans which are a good starting point. Others like to control their carbohydrate intake and try to choose lower GI foods. Others still count calories, or measure their food portions.

But when most of us start out on some kind of diet or food plan, one common problem we face is hunger in some form or the other. So, here is where I introduce the "satiety index".

This list of foods starts with white bread at a score of "100".

Foods that have higher scores are more "filling" than white bread, and if you eat those, you are less likely to over-eat. Food with lower scores are not very filling and will leave you wanting more, and likely encourage you to overeat.

On the other hand, if you combine this knowledge with common knowledge of Glycimic Load and Glycimic Index, you will find foods that will help you stay full, and thus, stick to healthy eating plans. Long term lifestyle changes are the only way to maintaining long term health.

Bakery Products Carbohydrate-Rich Foods
Croissant 47% White bread 100%
Cake 65% French fries 116%
Doughnuts 68% White pasta 119%
Cookies 120% Brown Rice 132%
Crackers 127% White rice 138%
Snacks and Confectionery Grain bread 154%
Mars candy bar 70% Wholemeal bread 157%
Peanuts 84% Brown pasta 188%
Yogurt 88% Potatoes, boiled 323%
Crisps 91% Protein-Rich Foods
Ice cream 96% Lentils 133%
Jellybeans 118% Cheese 146%
Popcorn 154% Eggs 150%
Breakfast Cereals with Milk Baked beans 168%
Muesli 100% Beef 176%
Sustain 112% Ling fish 225%
Special K 116% Fruits
Cornflakes 118% Bananas 118%
Honeysmacks 132% Grapes 162%
All-Bran 151% Apples 197%
Porridge/Oatmeal 209% Oranges 202%

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