Get his attention

ThinkstockGet your crush to notice you—the right way

By Pierra Labrador for Yahoo! Southeast Asia

You sit right behind him in class, but he doesn't even know you exist. Or he's the hottie in the apartment next door whom you've made eye contact with—once. Or maybe you actually know him, but he just treats you like a buddy. Instead of pining away in secret, perhaps all you need is to be a little more pro-active when it comes to love. Here are some subtle moves to nudge him in the right direction without giving yourself away!

Hello, hello. If he doesn't know of your existence yet, talk to him. Hello is a good place to start. Hanging out with common friends can also set the stage for an introduction. Or think of a cleverly casual excuse to strike up a conversation, like asking for help with your homework, or permission to mooch off his wireless internet because yours is down. From small talk, work your way up to more interesting topics that reveal a little about your fab personality so he'll want to get to know you better.

Stand out. If you really want cutie to make the first move, you have to make sure he thinks you're cool. Be the girl that recites brilliantly in class, plays amazing bass guitar, or always knows how to make an entrance! Now, position yourself strategically to make it easy for him to chat you up, by lingering at your desk after class ends, or purposely sitting alone at the cafeteria during his break time. Can you imagine how intimidating it might be for him to approach you if you're constantly surrounded by a posse of girlfriends?

Connect. Once you've broken the ice, exchange mobile numbers, BB pins, add him on Facebook, hit him up on Twitter (you need to contact him for that class project, you see…)—these days, it's so easy to connect with your crush.

Do your research. A quick peek into his Facebook profile can clue you in on what he's into—music, movies, sports, hobbies, food—and use that info as a jump off point for your next conversation. Ever so casually mentioning that you hated last night's Glee but loved Modern Family can lead to a lively discussion (and who knows, maybe a TV date for next week's episodes). Just don't make the mistake of quoting his blog entries word for word, or you'll totally freak him out!

Look cute. Let's face it, guys are very visual beings, and the first thing they usually notice about girls is how they look. And no, we're not talking about plunging necklines and over-the-top makeup. In fact, they think too much makeup is "clownish," and they hate it when a girl looks like she's trying too hard in a skimpy or out-of-character outfit. But they're suckers for fresh, pretty looks. Always look well-groomed—hair regularly trimmed, shiny and split-end free, eyebrows neatly groomed, lips chap-free and kissably smooth, you know the drill. Perfect the no makeup-makeup look (or count on ever reliable oil-blotters!), and spritz on a refreshing (not overpowering) fragrance that he'll identify with you. Looking great is a no-fail confidence-booster, so pick a pretty outfit that flatters your assets and top it off with a bright smile, and you're bound to catch his attention.

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