Why Do Men Cheat?

Men cheat out of boredom, loneliness or sheer lust?

Is it because they are bored or lonely — or just plain horny?

Here's a list of possible reasons why men stray (as well as possible solutions).

1.    Complacency in the relationship
Couples tend to take things for granted after a few years together. So keep the love alive with a bit of intrigue: Initiate nights out with your man, put on your sexiest LBD, or flirt and play coy with him.

Men think about sex all the time

2.    Your sex life is less than stellar
Remember how physical intimacy was so important during your dating days? Well, it should still be even when you're married. Yes, you may be tired from work or are busy with the kids; but sex can help you stay connected. Be honest and open with your desires for a more fulfilling time in bed.

3.    You've let yourself go
We want to be with people who look — and feel — good about themselves. So start paying attention to your needs: Immerse yourself in worthy causes and hobbies outside of work, and maintain a presentable appearance — these will affect your mood. (Of course, these apply to him too.)

4.    Where's your imagination
Men have their own sexual fantasies; so do you. He might be hiding them from you because he's afraid of what you'll think. Why not share fantasies together? Listen to what each of you has to say — and maybe you can compromise.

Men and their sexual fantasies

5.    He doesn't feel loved
Who wants to be controlled by his spouse and nagged incessantly? Over time, little arguments and petty tiffs may cause resentment in your relationship. Rebuilding respect is key.

6.    You had a heated argument
He may have overreacted and made a mistake — causing him to feel guilty after the act is committed.

7.    He wants to feel young and manly again
It's been said that the thrill and endorphins produced from a secret affair or new sexual encounter can make a man feel better about himself. Is this why men find younger women more appealing? Could be. Refer to #2 and #4.

A player knows how to get what he wants, who he wants.

8.    He's a player
What he wants, he gets. He may always be looking for variety and excitement.

What do you think?

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