Mercedes brings style, luxury to Detroit with Concept S-Class Coupe and S600

The Mercedes S-Class epitomizes German luxury while offering industry-leading technology. The 2014 model is already upon us, as are the high performance AMG variants. There are, however, a couple of remaining pieces to the S-Class puzzle, and today at the Detroit Auto Show, one of those pieces has been unveiled the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S600. Boasting the highest degree of executive luxury, the S600 marks the top dog in the S-Class family tree.

Joining the S600 on stage is the brand's Concept S-Class Coupe (pictured above). It showcases the potential design language of the next-generation S-Class (even though the current S-Classes are still rolling out). Featuring sleek lines meeting a shark-like, toothy grille, fans of Jaws will undoubtably be impressed.

The design points to a subtle blend of aggression while retaining its elegant stance. Mercedes call it "sensual purity." In a world where stylists often go overboard on designfilling every last inch of space with creases, angles and ventswhat's refreshing with this concept is its simplicity. While the interior goes sci-fi, the exterior seems plenty realistic, and follows the path set by other Mercedes concepts from the past year or so.

While the concept S-Class Coupe puts the emphasis on the driver, the S600 remains the preferred choice for backseat riders—those that demand hot-stone massages from the two reclining back seats and more legroom thanks to a long wheelbase version. It features much of the S-Class's innovative technology as standard, such as the chicken-inspired Magic Body Control and laser vision eyesight that not only offers night vision but also scans the road surface to detect tarmac changes and adjusts the suspension settings in advance.

More than technology, the S600 arrives with a booming V-12 twin-turbo motor, an asset that's becoming rarer as stringent efficiency mandates demand smaller engine sizes. With 523 hp and 612 lb.-ft. of torque, the S600 didn't get the memo. And we're glad about that. Pricing hasn't yet been released, but if you have to ask, you can't afford.

Also on stage at today's Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes brought its new C-Class and GLA AMG, two cars we showed you a few weeks back.