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A Filipina blogs about ‘My Korean Boyfriend’

What is the secret of a successful blog? Successful bloggers understand that one of the keys to a successful blog is when the blogger specializes on a particular topic or issue. It is quite rare that a "smorgasbord buffet style" blog becomes successful.  Another trade secret is when the blogger has fun with the blog. In many ways, interesting blogs grow from simple ideas gone wild. One such example is Kring Elenzano's blog, My Korean Boyfriend (Link: http://mykoreanboyfriend.com/).

Kring Elenzano, considered a celebrity among local K-Pop fans, started her blog My Korean Boyfriend (Link: http://mykoreanboyfriend.com/) in April 2010. Back then, her objective was simply "to chronicle my moments with the boyfriend (Jimmy Kim) and perhaps tell the world how it's like to be in a relationship with a Korean guy." But like many successful blogging journeys, her simple idea grew into a big one.

Today, My Korean Boyfriend (Link: http://mykoreanboyfriend.com/) is considered a top blog and the couple-in-focus, Kring and Jimmy, are now known as the "The Krimmy Couple". My Korean Boyfriend (Link: http://mykoreanboyfriend.com/) does not only have local readers but also boasts of an international following. My Korean Boyfriend (Link: http://mykoreanboyfriend.com/) bagged two awards during the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards for Top Video and Podcast Posts of the Year.

I recently had the opportunity to interview top blogger herself Kring Elenzano about My Korean Boyfriend (Link: http://mykoreanboyfriend.com/) and K-Pop in general. Check it out!

CathsDeen: These past two years, you have become sort of like a local celebrity among K-Pop fans in the Philippines. For those who may not know you, can you share some interesting tidbits about yourself?

Kring: Hi, I'm Kring Elenzano and I'm a media practitioner by profession. I started working as a writer and segment producer when I was still in college but I began directing TV shows when I was 21. I directed shows like The Skechers Street Dance Battle (2007-2010), GoNegosyo (2008-2011) and Rivermaya: Bagong Liwanag, among others. I also worked as creative director for Flippish.com.

Although I've been blogging since 2004, I only became active in the Philippine blogosphere when I opened my personal blog, funnysexy.ph in 2007. Now I maintain two blogs — that and the one about my boyfriend.

CathsDeen: What was your main inspiration and purpose for your blog, mykoreanboyfriend?

Kring: Hahaha! I seriously just wanted chronicle my moments with Jimmy Kim and immortalize them on the net. My Sassy Girl was movie based on an online journal. It was super famous in Korea in the 90′s and yup, I was inspired by that. Hopefully, a studio would pick up our story someday. But honestly, it started to be just all about Jimmy Kim and then I realized I can't write about "us" without talking about our inter-cultural relationship "issues". It has since become a sort of an advocacy to enlighten readers about the realities of both cultures.

CathsDeen: Your blog is soooo much fun to read. What is your personal style or philosophy of blogging? In what areas or aspects do you have the most fun with?

Kring: Wow, thank you so much! My simple philosophy in blogging: "Always be driven by the heart, not by the hits. Be honest with your words and never compromise your content." I reeeeaaallly looooovvveee to write.  Even if I don't get paid or anything, I just like writing stories or putting my thoughts into words. But I've always been motivated by humor so I love to make fun of my own self…and Jimmy Kim, too.

CathsDeen: Your blog breaks a lot of myths about Korean boyfriends. If I am to force you to pick just one myth that you wish to break, what will it be and why?

Kring: It's that real Korean men are like those guys that you see in Korean dramas, movies and the K-Pop world-- they're not at all. In fact, many Korean men hate how they are portrayed in media because it sets unrealistic expectations. Please do not think that they are greater than men of other nationalities because at the end of the day, they are men first before they are Korean (although Jimmy Kim would disagree with this and with much pride, say KOREA IS THE BEST!!! Ah, I've gotten so used to it~)

CathsDeen:  Were you already into K-Pop and Korean pop culture even before you met your boyfriend? If so, share with us your K-Pop loves.

Kring: Yes. That's why I find it sooo cliché that I have a Korean boyfriend now… I've been a K-Pop fan since 2004 and was part of the core group that started CassPh (with Mishi Camaya, Ana Cruz and Kai Agito). We were called TVfXQ World - Philippines back then and had less than 50 members. My gosh! I was crazy over them!!! Case in point… read this (Link: http://funnysexy.ph/2010/09/the-dbsk-fangirl/) entry.

I took a break from the K-Pop fandom a year after and went to J-Pop but returned in 2008 when I fell in love with Big Bang. I've known of them since their debut but never took notice until I heard Haru-Haru. I listened to their music and became a fan!

However, I've always loved Korean films. The Classic of Gwak Jae-young was what pushed me to pursue directing. And I really like their movie industry. I've been studying it for quite some time now. However, I was never into K-dramas and I didn't have any Korean friends either before I met Jimmy.

CathsDeen: There is a saying that we cannot please everyone. I am sure you get your share of "haters" as well. How do you deal with haters and if given an opportunity, what would be your message to them?

Kring: Being in the industry (not just in the fandom), I know that it's super normal. The first time I started to come out on video, I got called mean things and was quite affected by that. My former boss and friend said "if you really want to be famous, you got to be a lot tougher than that. You'll encounter worse things in life than people saying you suck. In the greater scheme of things, they don't mean a thing at all"… that made me feel better.

Also, I have nothing to say to them. There are so much more important things in this world and in our lives that need more attention. We have to channel our energy into positive and productive things.

CathsDeen: You are one the pioneers of the Philippine K-Pop Committee Incorporated (PKCI). Can you tell us something about PKCI? What are the upcoming events of PKCI?

Kring: PKCI is the first, the biggest and the only non-profit K-Pop organization in the country with over 60 fan clubs affiliated with it. The best thing about PKCI is that the people making up the organization are the fans themselves, the heads of the fan clubs so it's super legit.

The 3rd Philippines Kpop Convention - the biggest fan-organized Kpop event in the Philippines — is happening this December 30. We now have 2 beneficiaries, Gawad Kalinga (GK) and PAWS! It is a once-a-year event so we really put all our energy into it. Last year, we were able to raise half a million pesos for GK. This year, hopefully, we get more sponsors and participants so we can show the world what a fan community can do to change lives.

CathsDeen: Aside from blogging and making a difference, you also do hosting and consultancy. Is there anything Kring Elenzano cannot do?

Kring: I cannot draw. I sing and drive really bad. I also can't cook and oh, I really don't understand accounting!

If you want to read more about interesting intercultural relationship of the Krimmy couple, visit Kring's blog My Korean Boyfriend (Link: http://mykoreanboyfriend.com/). I personally enjoyed reading her entries on misconceptions about Korean men.


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