You'll Never Guess What This Wedding Dress is Made Of!

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Fairytale Cake Company / The Knot


Yep, this is a wedding dress you can eat. A Staffordshire, UK based bakery called Fairytale Cake Company featured this six-foot-tall, 17 tiered cake dress at a The National Wedding Show in Birmingham, England this weekend. With hand-piped swirls and a satin finish achieved using pearl luster, Donna Millington-Day, the owner of Fairytale Cake Company achieved created a cake that's practically runway-worthy! The creation is made entirely out of sponge cake, approximately 50 pounds of sugar paste, 2 pounds of royal icing and hundreds of sugar pearls. The finished cake weighs 55 pounds and could serve up to 2,000 guests!

Some of the wackiest wedding cakes ever!

Fairytale Cake Company / The Knot

Fairytale Cake Company / The Knot

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