Korea’s Susan Boyle puts judges to tears


Choi Sung Bong joins Korea's Got Talent and wows the judges and audience. (Yahoo! photo)

He may not have Rain's good looks but this Korean has won the hearts of many with his deep, resonant voice.

Sung-bong Choi became an overnight Youtube sensation after a video of his performance on Korea's Got Talent racked up more than a million views since it was posted on 4 June.

Choi sang Sarah Brightman's "Nella Fantasia" and wowed the judges and audience with his  opera style singing. But his voice was not the only thing that made viewers cry.

When asked by one of the judges about his background, Choi, a manual labourer, said that he's been living like "a dayfly," sleeping on street corners and peddling gum for 10 years.

However, controversy has surrounded Choi after netizens found that he had previously attended a performing arts high school.

The network tvN said that everyone, including the judges, knew of Choi's background, but his explanation was edited out to make the story flow better.

But despite the scandal, Choi continues to get support from Koreans for his inspiring performance, including the judges.

One of the judges called his voice "magical," while another said she "just wanted him to be happy."

Watch his performance here.

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