Man at Raffles Place sitting on invisible chair?


This man was spotted sitting on an "invisible chair" at Raffles Place. (Yahoo! photo/Fann Sim)

The man in the photo above attracted crowds when he sat on his "invisible chair" atop a platform, oblivious to the people around him.

During lunch time, a crowd of about a hundred gathered around the mysterious man, trying to figure out the secret behind his act.

The man sits on an invisible chair without a care. (Yahoo! photo/Fann Sim)

Some guessed that he was hanging from the ceiling while others felt that there was a hidden rod in his clothes.

"I think it's a marketing campaign. Probably some relaxation product and they are marketing it to the people who are working around Raffles Place, especially the workaholic," said 50-year-old Dennis Chien, who is an investor.

In the crowd, some people speculated that the company behind this act was introducing a new chair.

"I saw the doodling contest they had online. It's asking you to doodle a 'best seat' so I guess it's a chair or something like that," said Shirley Lee, a secretary in her 40s.

The man performs his "floating act" on intervals. He is seen in the morning when people were heading to work, during lunch time and early evening when people were knocking off from work.

Yahoo! Singapore understands that he always performs the same act, sitting in the same position.

Another similarly dressed man was also spotted at Tampines Mall sitting in mid-air, reading the papers and using his mobile phone periodically.

At both locations, huge TV screens were on display for people to doodle their chair creations and submit them for a contest.

People watching the performance could doodle something to participate in a contest. (Yahoo! photo/Fann Sim)

When Yahoo! Singapore spoke to the event organiser, they kept mum about the product and declined to reveal further details.

But one of their staff, Norman Ng, said that all will be revealed on 3 July.

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