NSP candidate accused of indiscretions

NSP candidate for Marine Parade, Spencer Ng, is accused of indiscretions with a student. (Yahoo! photo/ Alicia Wong)
NSP candidate for Marine Parade, Spencer Ng, is accused of indiscretions with a student. (Yahoo! photo/ Alicia Wong)

A former student of National Solidarity Party(NSP) candidate Spencer Ng Chung Hon has accused him of crossing the boundaries of the teacher-student relationship.

The 20-year-old girl came forward after Ng, 31, revealed to the media last week that he had left teaching due to accusations of indiscretion in school.

The girl contacted The New Paper (TNP) and said she wanted the truth told.

She claimed that the incidents happened in 2007, when she was 16 and in Secondary 4.

In her testimony, she said that Ng took her to school in the mornings and gave her roses on Valentine's Day. They also went on movie dates and nice dinners -- all paid by him -- and strolls in the park or by the beach.

They held hands and hugged, and once, he even tried to kiss her on the lips but she rebuffed him.

The principal of the school confirmed that Ng had been suspended while under investigation for inappropriate behaviour with a student.

"He resigned before the investigations were completed," the principal told the same paper in an email on Tuesday.

Ng said that he had quit because he wanted to explore other options after feeling jaded and unappreciated despite his contributions to the school.

The probe began when another teacher confiscated the girl's mobile phone and read the SMS exchanges between her and Ng.

When probed about the student's claims, Ng said, "I have already given my side of the story.

"Now I just want to focus on the policies. I can't make any comments on her allegations. I regret that such things have to happen during our campaign with only three more days to go to Polling Day."

However, Ng could not help but feel that he had "dragged his team down in the campaign". The other candidates running for Marine Parade GRC are Ivan Yeo, Abdul Salim Harun, Cheo Chai Chen and Nicole Seah.

"After so many years, we have moved on. I had returned to teaching (in another school) and I have shown good results," said Ng, responding to why he did not inform party chief Goh Meng Seng about this before he joined NSP.

Goh said, "As far as I am concerned, there is nothing conclusive. Everybody is innocent unless proven guilty. Unless you are telling me that the school has sacked him or if they have a record of his misbehaviour, since the investigation is not conclusive, what is there to comment?"

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