Police probe case of alleged sexual harassment at NTU

Facebook note accusing an NTU student of sexual harassment went viral. (Yahoo! file photo)Facebook note accusing an NTU student of sexual harassment went viral. (Yahoo! file photo)

UPDATED (10:30am, 1 March to add details)

A case of alleged sexual harassment at Nanyang Technological University has been reported to the police and the school is currently assisting their investigations, an NTU spokesperson said Wednesday.

The school further clarified that it "does not condone harassment in any form" and has "reminded all students about the importance of safe and responsible behaviour, both online and offline".

In a note on Facebook that went viral online, a female NTU student alleged that a male student has sexually harassed her peers.

In the note posted on Tuesday at 6 p.m. and later taken down, the female, who studies at NTU's Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI), warned that a second-year male student has been sexually harassing students for a year and did not seem to be stopping. She requested readers to spread the word about him.

After three hours, the note had 43 shares and some viewers had circulated it via email.

In the note, the female student claimed that in December alone, the male student approached five girls, including her, online and chatted with them on Facebook. Conversations with him went on for more than half an hour before he revealed that he needed videos of them.

The male student explained the need for the videos by spinning a story about how he could lose his internship at a local company for making a video of a female friend wherein she accidentally exposed herself. The video to be made would be decent and replace the original, he supposedly said.

When the girls agreed to help him, the male student then changed his tune and insisted that the video had to be suggestive, prompting the girls to then decline, the female student further recounted.

Yahoo! Singapore sought the side of the male student, who had been identified in the post, but could not reach him.

Leaders of the WKWSCI student club have asked undergraduates not to speak to the media to spare the school from negative attention.

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