S’poreans set up local ‘Obedient Wives Club’

The Obedient Wives Club created a controversy in Malaysia as some feel it degrades women.
The Obedient Wives Club created a controversy in Malaysia as some feel it degrades women.

Three Singaporeans have taken it upon themselves to pioneer a local branch of the controversial Obedient Wives Club (OWC).

Dr Darlan Zaini, a literature professor, Hamidah Ari and her brother, Azman Ari, are representatives of the newly-formed club in Malaysia that teaches wives to be more subservient to their husbands.

The OWC has been slammed by critics everywhere, saying that it degrades women by saying that it is the wives' duty to make love better than "first-class prostitutes" to solve familial problems.

According to The New Paper, Dr Darlan believed that with obedient wives, husbands are more likely to behave themselves and would be more responsible towards their families.

The 7o-year-old said: "Some people agree, while others don't. More importantly, we believe that obedient wives can avoid various detrimental social problems such as prostitution, divorce, gambling, domestic violence and others."

Already, ten families have indicated their interest in joining the club.

But former registrar of Muslim marriages Tarsuni Maulan has reservations about the group.

He told the same paper, "Did the OWC base its findings on research or hearsay? I'm just concerned that by making such statements (on how wives should treat their husbands), it would make men big-headed and give them a free rein to mistreat women."

Last week, the OWC, set up because some felt that the increasing divorce rates were due to 'disobedient' wives, became the ridicule and amusement ever since it was launched in Rawang, Malaysia.

Its international vice-president, Dr Rohaya Mohamed, said that wives should be encouraged to be more subservient to their Muslim husbands.

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