PUB video teaches Singaporeans how to shower

It's been busy at work, it's been busy at school,
your body is sticky and needs water to cool,
a five-minute shower is all you need,
so let's all dance to a shower beat... YEAH!

And so goes the Public Utilities Board's new video on getting Singaporeans to shower in less than five minutes.

That's not all though -- it's got a sing-along hand-motion dance to go along.

"Do like that, do like that" the video goes as its main characters -- a student, housewife, taxi driver and hawker auntie -- move their hands uncontrollably in a handwashing motion along to the cry of "Shampoo your hair, shampoo your hair!"

And then the chorus, all set to a pulsating techno beat (all together now!).

Keep it to five, keep it five
Time to save, water is life
Keep it five, keep it to five
We do it so right when we keep it to five

The main message for those who haven't figured it out: save water and shower in less than five minutes. Yup we get it.

The 3:30-minute video, which was uploaded over a month ago, has received 4,000 views to date.

Besides announcing to the world that Singaporeans are a dirty lot and need help cleaning up, it's not the smartest commercial ever made. (Oh, and did you spot the creepy Water Wally mascot stalking the naked boy showering?)

Maybe the makers of the "Water Wally Shower Dance Music Video" can take a leaf from the hilarious "massage uncle" ads -- now that's an example of a clever message that went viral.

(Disclaimer: PUB featured the video on Yahoo! Singapore's Front Page on Monday 20/5 as part of its Water Conservation ad campaign)