Sixth batch of PAP candidates introduced

PAP announces another 3 new candidates. (Yahoo! Photo).
PAP announces another 3 new candidates. (Yahoo! Photo).

The People's Action Party (PAP) has introduced another three new candidates for the coming General Election.

They are Lawrence Wong Shyun Tsai, 39, Dr Intan Azura Mokhtar, 35, and David Ong Kim Huat, 50.

According to Dr Intan's introductory video on the party's website, she teaches at the National Institute of Education. She is an assistant professor in policy and leadership studies in NIE and has five academic degrees, including a PhD in information studies.

The former secondary school teacher said, she has been involved in volunteer work since 2006, dealing with education and women. She also started volunteering in the grassroots early this year.

"I am deeply concern and passionate about issues that relate to the working mother, education and children," said the mother of three.

As a "heartlander", Dr Intan said she is aware of issues ranging from cost of living to education, amenities and cleanliness.

Ong founded a marketing consultancy and is the managing director of RedDot Publishing, a media solutions firm.

The father of three said he has lived the "Singapore Story". He grew up in a two-room HDB flat in Queenstown, which was shared with two siblings and his parents.

His father was a policeman and mother a homemaker, who later had to work as a domestic helper to bring in additional income.

Terming those times his "formative years", Ong said, "I understand humility, prudence as well as hard work."

The grassroots leader has been volunteering since he was 14. "I believe my extensive ground experience will help me stay closely connected to the issues and concerns of our constituents," said Ong.

Wong, a government scholar, has been a civil servant for the last 14 years.

He was the chief executive of the Energy Market Authority, a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. He left his post last month.

"Singapore has given me many opportunities, a university scholarship, a meaningful and fulfilling career in the civil service and a home. For all these I am very grateful," he said. "I'm therefore committed to giving back to society and doing my part to ensure that other Singaporeans enjoy the same opportunities."

Thursday's unveiling brings the total number of new PAP candidates to 18.

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