Time to bring power back to the people: WP’s Low


Workers' Party (WP) secretary-general Low Thia Khiang has told voters to vote for his party as it is a time to bring power back to the people.

Speaking at the WP rally at Serangoon stadium on Thursday evening, Low told the 30,000- strong crowd at that the People's Action Party (PAP) has been taking away power from the people by implementing the GRC system and changing electoral boundaries every election.

He also cited the redrawing of electoral boundaries as an example of how the PAP has ensured its dominance, and added that the party may just amend the constitution again to stack the odds in its favour if it is returned to Parliament with a strong mandate.

Low said, "A strong opposition makes sure that the power remains with the people."

Low's Aljunied GRC teammate Pritam Singh also stressed that the PAP needs to know that "Singapore is larger than the PAP."

In his speech, Pritam Singh also called for youths of Singapore to change the spirit and substance of Singapore politics. He said that if in the event that the opposition did not win any seats, he asked young Singaporeans that "whatever it is (to) never give up on this country."

Also speaking at the rally was Yaw Shin Leong, who is contesting Hougang SMC. He called this "a new beginning" and asked voters to follow in the footsteps of Hougang residents, who understand the need for political justice, for the past 20 years.

Chen Show Mao, who is deemed to be 'a star catch', told Aljunied residents that they aim to to be the most efficient and effective town council that will maintain the estate well.

He also explained that his loyalty will always be Singapore. "My heart is in Singapore, I carry my red passport and my pink IC with me all the time," he said.

He went on to share with the crowd his conversation with his six-year-old daughter who is studying in Beijing. He was trying to teach her how to spell Aljunied and she said "a journey" instead.

Chen hopes that this can be a journey of hope and change, a journey from Aljunied to secure a brighter future for Singapore.

At the end of the rally, in a tradition that was started in 2006, Singh led their supporters in the recitation of the Singapore pledge.

You can watch a video of the recitation here.

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