Yaw Shin Leong has vacated his parliament seat: Michael Palmer

Yaw Shin Leong has officially vacated his Parliament seat. (Yahoo! file photo)Yaw Shin Leong has officially vacated his Parliament seat. (Yahoo! file photo)

Former Workers' Party (WP) member Yaw Shin Leong will no longer represent Hougang as a Member of Parliament (MP) and has left his Parliament seat.

This announcement was made in Parliament on Tuesday by Speaker of Parliament Michael Palmer, who told the house that Yaw will not appeal against his expulsion from the Workers' Party, Channel NewsAsia reported.

Yaw had informed the Clerk of Parliament of his decision via email on 20 February, CNA said.

On 14 February, WP announced Yaw's expulsion for failing to account to party leaders allegations related to his private life. Following WP's announcement, Palmer announced during parliamentary sitting on 17 February that Yaw will have to inform the parliament of his appeal in a weeks' time.

Under the Constitution, once an elected MP ceases to be a member of, or is expelled or resigned from the political party for which he stood in an election, the seat shall become vacant.

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