Protege Project Episode 1: Getting the right start

Yahoo! Special Projects
The Protégé Project
6 September 2011

Fourteen future business leaders have stepped up to the plate.

All currently students from the country's top universities, these selected applicants are battling it out for a mentorship opportunity of a lifetime: to be proteges to two of the Philippines' top business tycoons: Johnlu Koa of The French Baker and Donnie Tantoco of Shopwise.

Apart from gaining the priceless wisdom of these mentors, the Top 7 finishers will receive a group cash prize of P200,000 and a Nokia E7 phone each.

The first challenge: Each group is tasked to nail down three business professionals at a mall, and get them to spill the details on business permits and SEC requirements - all documented on video. Which of these two teams have the most initiative in collecting pertinent information for starting a business?