Vote-rich areas almost half of voting population

VERA Files
Tinig Ng Botante

Candidates vying for a Senate seat in the May 13 polls would do well to keep these 18 provinces in mind. These provinces are capable not only of delivering the votes, they can also make the candidates win big.

Vote-rich provinces and cities—or those with least 900,000 voters--make up almost half of the entire voting population in the country. Cebu tops the list with more than 2 million voters, followed closely by Cavite and Pangasinan with 1,789,438 and 1,651,814 million.

The 16 provinces and two cities in Metro Manila—Quezon City and Manila—have a total voting population of around 24 million or 47 percent of the entire 52 million registered voters.

Most of the vote-rich provinces are in Luzon: 12 provinces with a total of 15,974,440 voters. Visayas comes second with 6,427,147 million in four provinces while Mindanao’s vote-rich provinces have 2,487,295 million voters.—Mikha Flores, VERA Files

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