#36 Stand on top of The Pulpit Rock in Norway

Desiree Pakiam
Travel 50

The hike from the Preikestolen mountain lodge will take you about three hours up 350 metres, but reaching The Pulpit Rock or Preikestolen after all that is worth it. At 604 metres, this flat mountain plateau in Ryfylke – which was created after the Lysefjord glacier melted 10,000 years ago – offers fantastic views over the 42-kilometre-long fjord.

Dare to look down or dangle your feet over the edge; but do remember to stay safe! Don’t worry if you need to catch your breath along the way – there are areas for picnics should you wish to stop. (You can also admire the fjord, the small lakes and the lush plant life while you’re at it.)

Ryfylke is accessible by ferry; head to the main road south of Jørpeland to get to the mountain lodge by car or bus from Tau.

Text done by Ana Ismail.