August Man A-Listers get tied up in knots

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Webisode 2: Corum's Spirit of Adventure & Kronenbourg TimeOut

In last week's webisode, the A-Listers had to talk their way into getting what they wanted including "breaking up" with our feisty host, Anita Kapoor. This week, August Man put their brains and brawns to the test in a challenge that took place at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC), the oldest yacht club in Singapore.  With three luxury Corum watches at stake for the winners, it was time to get the guys up to speed with joys of sailing in line with Corum's long and illustrious heritage with the nautical spirit. Can we say, ahoy there, matey?

On a hot sweltering afternoon —  thankfully with some ice cold Fiji Water to keep everyone cool —  the 12 gentlemen had to learn how to tie two different types of knots and as a team rig up a dinghy under 20 minutes with the help of RSYC's sailing instructors, Abdul Hadi and Benjamin Lim. That's not all. They also had to individually launch, recover and upright a capsized dinghy in the water as quickly as possible. Find out which team scored the highest marks to walk away with a Corum Boston bag each.

After an exhausting day, we treated the boys to a special edition of Kronenbourg's "TimeOut" where they savoured the French Art of Pleasure at the Tisettanta Lounge at Hotel Fort Canning. The catch? After plying them with beer we took each of them aside to extract their secret confessions on the other A-Listers. Here's your chance to find out what the men really think of one another.

The August Man A-Listers is the magazine's annual search for men with style, substance and success.

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