British man dies after doing ‘Gangnam Style’: report

Rahimah Rashith
What’s buzzing?

'Gangnam Style', the year's biggest viral dance sensation, has reportedly claimed the life of an over-eager British man over the weekend.

According to The Telegraph, IT worker Eamom Kilbride, 46, suffered chest pains after dancing to the hit song "Gangnam Style" up on stage during his company's Christmas party in England.

Eamom Kilbride was at the party with his wife Julie, who was also celebrating her birthday. She told The Sun, "He had just finished dancing to 'Gangnam Style' with his pals on stage when he came back over to me. He kissed me and told me I was beautiful."

He then left to make his way to the toilet when he collapsed and eventually died of heart failure, most likely from over exertion when dancing to the hit phenomenon by Psy.

The death has prompted a warning from health officials informing middle-aged men to not overexert themselves during the festive season.

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