Case of young wife’s gruesome murder grips China

The tragic murder of a young beautiful Chinese wife has gripped China's netizens (Weibo screengrab)
The tragic murder of a young beautiful Chinese wife has gripped China's netizens (Weibo screengrab)

The husband was young, rich, drove expensive cars and lived the high life. His wife was just 22, and the beautiful mother of his four-month old baby daughter.

The happily married couple seemed to live a perfect life – until young chinese wife Qi Kexin was found murdered in their home in Nanjing's Jianye District.

No arrest has been reported but according to Xian Dai Kuai Bao, a Nanjing newspaper run by national news agency Xinhua, local authorities suspect she was slashed to death by her drunk husband after a heated argument.

She had been attacked with a knife and sustained between 30 and 40 knife wounds on her body.

Her husband, 24-year-old Ji Xing Peng, had allegedly slashed Qi to death after an argument in which he accused her of infidelity and said that their daughter was not his.

Qi's horrific death has since attracted huge media and online attention in China, especially because her husband is from “second generation money”, a negative term used to describe a class of young rich who have inherited their money from parents but lead wasteful lives of excessive spending and irresponsible behaviour.

News reports following the murder revealed that Ji was a member of the Nanjing Super Car Club, drove a Lamborghini sports car and owned numerous luxury residences.

He was also described by friends and acquaintances as having hit his ex-wife after getting drunk and would refuse to work, instead spending up to RMB 100,000 a month playing video games and frequenting "gentlemen's clubs", where he would spend time and money on other women.

Netizens also unearthed Qi's microblog on popular China site "Weibo", where she uploaded photos of the couple in happier times at their lavish wedding and also snapshots of their four month daughter.

In one post, she writes about her New Year's wishes for 2013, saying that she hopes that her husband would love her more in the months to follow and that their daughter would grow up well.

The two are reported to have met about three years ago and were high school classmates who tied the knot after Qi found that she was expecting a baby.

Friends said that the marriage was unhappy, with Qi allegedly being locked up at her husband's family's home while he went out to gamble or to drink. They also said that domestic violence was common at their home as they quarreled about Ji's alleged extra-marital affairs and that Qi had asked for a divorce on more than one occasion.

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