‘Dinosaur’ chases man in hilarious Japanese prank video

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Count on the Japanese to come up with silly game shows and hilarious pranks.

And they’ve done it again. As part of a local variety show, a man dresses up as a T-Rex dinosaur and chases an unsuspecting office worker – who has been set up for it – down the office corridor.

The victim of the prank – visibly terrified – is so shocked he falls to the ground and drops his drink before stumbling down the hallway to escape the roaring T-Rex.

His terror is finally over when he meets the camera crew, who have filmed the entire sequence of events.

It’s tickling everybody so hard that someone’s also made an animated gif out of it, which has gotten over 1,500 shares and likes respectively.

Dinosaur chases man in hilarious Japanese prank. (YouTube screengrab)